Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year SALE...that's what I like to hear!

As of January 1st 2011 (can you believe that? two thousand and ELEVEN!!!) selected summer stock will be ON SALE. Yes yes yes!!! AND, we have an extra market day at the Little Big Markets with even MORE bargains! Get online January 1st and get down to the corner of Matai and Maunganui Roads, Mt Maunganui on January 8th. Yeyah!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just in time for Christmas...

gran's loose change just made it to Frankie mag's blog for the SECOND time this year. Fave mag, best site, thank you one million hearts Holly McCauley and Frankie mag xxx Read the blog here

I am nothing without you...

This year could not have been possible without the unwavered support, love, trust, dedication and commitment from these people. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, I am nothing without you.

Josh Muller.

My mad scientist who keeps me sane. He has been roped into every modelling opportunity I could possibly tie him down for, has helped with financials, planning and creative, held my hand when times got tough, accompanied me on op-shopping missions and been sent on missions of his own. He has been my rock. He has motivated me, encouraged me, supported me and lived and breathed gran's loose change by default! Thank you Aloysius, one million thank yous.

Julia Keddell.

My photographer extraordinaire. My friend, and now my flatmate. Julia has done product shots (both modelling and photographing), shot all three of my lookbooks, has done last minute ads, print files and everything else in between that I needed urgently and couldn't do myself. She has offered advice, creative opinion and more...Jules, you have been invaluable to gran's loose change this year and I thank you so very much.

Adam Bomb.

My flatmate for the past year and therefore an accessible body that has been roped into doing product shots - sometimes very last minute, like 'oh Adam! Hey! You just walked in from the beach/work/surfing, oh yeah that's great come over here we need to do some shots"...Thanks Adam!

Finn Geoghegan.

Another friend who has been an absolute treasure! Finn has given me his body and time in order to shoot product shots (and our winter '10 lookbook, despite being EXTREMELY hungover) and I am very, very grateful! Thanks Finn!

Jamee Thomas and Nat Brownrigg.

My beautiful ladies who gave me their bodies for our winter '10 lookbook and [Jamee] summer '10/11. Their time, style and bodies were more than I could ever have asked for. Thanks for helping me live the dream girls. I love you. Thank you.

Natalie Peri and Georgia Davis.

Nat was a stranger when we met for a wine and a friend when we left. An amazingly creative wee soul who has followed gran's loose change from the start. She has her own jewellery range 'One of Spades' that she launched at The Little Big Markets and is always on hand to offer help, support or her hands when I am run off my feet. Eternally grateful, thanks so much Nat.

Georgia has been my right hand woman for the past few months and has grown from strength to strength in the product shots. In fact, she could do it with her eyes closed now. Always willing to help out at the drop of a hat, George has been an absolute asset to the makings of gran's loose change. She's also helped with The Little Big Markets and sold her little heart out. Little G, you are amazing, don't ever change.

Maggi Brunsden for her design skills, support, encouragement and motivation; Juliet Mclaren for her creative wisdom and design genius (WATCH THIS SPACE 2011); Kate McGahan, Lucy Pilkington, Bridgette White, Jess Daniell and Lisa Fedezsyn for their creative critique, suggestions, words of wisdom and all round love; Cara Keogh for being a constant customer and my accountant phenomenon (Im hoping for a nice rebate at the end of financial year!).

My mummy.

For texting me everytime she has read an article about me and telling me how proud she is. Hearing those words is underrated, they can make or break a girl. Thank you for making me Mama Bear. You are my superwoman.

My aunty bro.
Aunty Stephy, I am so proud of you. Thank you for just being you.

Rachelle (and Chris Duffy).
My co-founder of The Little Big Markets. She's let me expand my empire, create a whole new project and been by my side as it's come to life. I still can't believe the magnitude of what we have created. Thanks Rachelle and Chris for opening your home to me, listening to my rants and offering support if I have ever needed it. Thank you, thank you.

Scott Daniels.
IT extraordinaire. Enough said.

Bridie Fitzgerald, Chloe Robson, Sarah Meehan and Selina Bedford.
Bridie lent me her smoking body and beauty for our very first lookbook and Chloe was the best babysitter in the world which enabled Nat to be part of my winter lookbook. Meehan, for lending us her Raglan abode for the summer lookbook and Selina for always giving me her fashion expertise and input. And above all, for being my friends. I love you.

Thank you to every single blogger and journalist that has spread the word about gran's loose change. A HUGE thank you to Zoe Walker at Viva, the response from that one article has been out of this world, Holly McCauley from Frankie mag, Amanda at Here Comes the Sun blog, the team at Fashion Guru, Tee at NZGirl, Michelle at Sideroom, Onny at World at Your Feat, Sarah from Sunday mag and everyone else involved in getting the glc name and brand into the market.

To my followers and customers...I don't know what to say other than thank you. I love your guts!! You keep the store alive, keep me on my toes and keep me motivated to make gran's loose change bigger and better than ever.

And last but not least, my gran.

She cuts every single article out and sends it to our family in Scotland. She sits next to my mum who shows her all the press on the net. She tells me what she thinks. She keeps me fresh. Gran, you are the heart and soul of this site, of this idea, of this reality. You are my motivation. I just want to make you proud. I love you.

*Disclaimer! I am sure to have forgotten someone and for that I apologise. You know I love you... Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How the shit did this become something of an Oscars speech...??)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Blogged at Tea An Toast...

I'm a bit late with this one, but I only just found this shout out from the gorgeous wee Sian over at Tea an Toast.

Thanks Sian! Read her blog post here.

Here's to you Foxy... xx

During our weekly blog stalk, I stumbled across the scribings of Foxylicious. If you haven't checked out her blog, do so here. Thanks for the shout out Foxy!

I'm so glad you had a good time at the markets and down in our lovely Bay. Read about her adventures here.

Foxylicious bought the Ksubi Cape Dress down at the markets and I LOVE that she blogged about that too! It was one of my personal faves! Read her review here.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Feliz Navidad...

It's Christmas! Shit yeah! That means you need to buy presents, right?

Fellas, how about a jewel for your lady from d_luxe?

Ladies, a sweet Rimu necklace by Neverland for your fella?

How about a cute pair of leather booties for your vintage-loving sister?

Or a timeless denim shirt for your brother?

You've got THREE days left. The last couriers will be sent WEDNESDAY! That means all orders in by 3pm, Wednesday the 23rd December. gran's loose change will not be shipping from the 23rd through til the 3rd.

But LOOK out because when we are BACK in action again, we have a WHOLE heap of new stock to kick start the new year. If there's something you NEED please email me at kelly@gransloosechange.co.nz and by NEED I mean if you're in a New Years outfit frenzy, that's the best way to get in touch and get what you want!

Now, go and get festive!!
Thank you all for a wonderful 2010 xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let me wander lost and free..

JM, his family and I just spent a week in Melbourne. The point of the trip was that the littlest Muller (although by little I mean tall as shit) was playing volleyball. For someone that knows nothing about volleyball I have to say there may have been cheers, loud clapping and referee abuse on the little Muller and his team's behalf. What can I say, I like winning.

That aside, JM and I managed to fit in an afternoon of vintage heaven in Fitzroy. And I mean HEAVEN. We stumbled across the Lost and Found Markets. And by markets, I mean an entire building filled with stalls. 40 in fact. Inside. In their own little set up and cubbies. I think I lost my heart in there that day.

Had we had a shipping container my house would now be filled with antique lamps, retro couches, MORE Sara Moon prints and quirky ornaments galore. But I had to settle with a 14 carat electrolyte gold and jade antique ring and a cream crochet cardy. And for gran's loose change...? Wouldn't YOU like to know.

We then found a sick little store in the city. Although by little, I mean HUGE. I have never in my life seen SO many floral dresses, sequins, denim, leather minis, mens band tees, baseball bombers, Retrostar had it all and by jeeziz, we spent a while in there. I even nipped back on my own for a-whole-nother afternoon. My darling friends Mclaren and McGahan would have wet themselves over the sequins. I wish I could have brought them a whole crate's worth home.

The owners told me they have been collecting for years - so there is hope for gran's loose change. Start small, keep dreaming and keep believing. Something always comes from nothing.

Keep an eye out friends, new product, blogs and yet-to-be-revealed goodness coming VERY soon.

Lady love...

After posting my interview with Celeste from The Cowboy Geisha below and raving about her 'amazing hair and beautifulness', I thought I'd have to put my money where my mouth is...meet Celeste...

Check out her killer words and inspiring posts over at The Cowboy Geisha. Well worth bookmarking!

We love The Cowboy Geisha...

A while back I stumbled across the wonderful blog that is The Cowboy Geisha. I can't even remember how but I am super stoked that I did. It is a daily read for me and one of my greatest inspirations, not just for gran's loose change but for me personally too. Why? Editor Celeste Tesoriero not only posts incredible photos (of herself, of fashion, of things that inspire her, of life), she starts every blog entry with lyrics from a song and she can write the shit out of anything. (And did I mention she has my dream hair, incredible style and is drop-dead gorgeous?! If I didn't love her so much I would probably hate her).

For those who know me, you will know that writing is my greatest passion. Therefore someone who blogs with substance rather than just posting pretty pictures is a 10 out of 10. Even more, Celeste is ex-designer of one of my fave Aussie brands, One Teaspoon, she is a stylist and is currently working on a new jewellery project (watch this space gran's loose change followers, perhaps that project is something you might get to see first? Hmmmmm). I love fellow creatives, especially creatives with motivation, drive and ambition. I am super excited that I got to personally chat (email counts right?) with Celeste and EVEN BETTER that I bring to you, an exclusive Q & A with the beautiful, inspiring and talented women that is Celeste, The Cowboy Geisha.

Name: Celeste Tesoriero

What do you do? I'm a designer and stylist

What would you ideally like to do? Travel back in time so I could be around in the 60s and 70s, to mainly be a love child rock n' roll flower power loving lover and so I could also start a label back then knowing what I know now √√√

Places you've travelled? New York, L.A, Pennsylvania, London, Salzburg, Berlin, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand and some non relevant/forgetful places in which I have (gasp!) forgotten all about.

What inspires you? Aesthetic beauty. Anything that sets my eyes on fire. Lately I have been listening to 'Classic Hits' 101.7 (which is a radio station in Sydney) and am really into echoey electric guitar solos from 80s psychedelic songs. It has proved to be one of the inspirations for the jewellery line my friend and I have just started. So, in real life, inspiration comes from anything, and there are some things that you cant pin to a 'mood board' lets put it that way.

Where will you be in the next five years? I have never been a 'five year plan' kind of kid, but if I had to I hope I would be living between New York and Bali, working with insanely amazing people and effing high off life.

Fave blogs: 4th and Bleeker, Style Rookie, The Light of God and Girls, Park & Cube, Fifty Fifty, Yosemite Campfire, Stop making sense, The Style Crusader, Style Slicker, Style East, The F Blog, and gran's loose change (derrrrr)

Best advice you've ever been given? Well, no one physically said this to me but it a quote that keeps me on my toes: 'A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are for'

Things you couldn't live without? The ocean and the sun…actually I don't think any of us could physically live without the sun? I saw a great documentary on that once.

Words of wisdom for gran's loose change customers? Well here are some cliches that are cliches for a reason: If you want something go and get it, because no one is going to walk up to you one day and offer it out of nowhere. Success is a mixture of hard work and timing. I believe if you put loads of energy into doing something, you have to succeed, it's some sort of universal law. But, if you spread yourself out so thin with your fingers in all different sorts of pies you'll just end up going in circles (and probably burning your finger tips in the process).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Exciting excitement...!

If you couldn't tell by the title of this post I am SUPER EXCITED! Whilst on holiday (working of course!!) in Melbourne, my Mama Bear called to tell me that gran's loose change had made VIVA in the Wednesday edition of the New Zealand Herald. I nearly wet myself! Admittedly, I was interviewed by the lovely Zoe Walker a couple of months ago but wasn't sure if it would ever make the cut, turns out, it did! And I am beyond stoked! Check out the full interview here.

AND if that's not exciting enough, today, the beautiful and wonderful Tee of NZGirl posted THIS interview! I think two in a row is telling you something I have known for a long time - gran's loose change is THE business! Have you checked us out lately?

Oh and one more thing, I just wanted to say thank you! Without you, the fans, customers and followers, these big time reporters, bloggers, editors, etc wouldn't even be bothering with little old me. But they do. Because we are growing, thanks to you. SO! Merry Christmas lovelies. Merry freaken Christmas!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Little Big Markets, week 3

The gran's loose change stall

While their Mum and Dad sold cutesy Christmas decorations and handmade aprons, Micah and Sandro sold $2 mixtures. Wayyy too cute!

Congrats to Nat Peri and One of Spades for picking up a stockist!!

My gran and favourite aunty stopped in to say hi! Bless!

Brydie from Jetset Bohemian

Over 55 stalls, hot summer sun, sales and sweet lemonade thanks to Neverland Collective. Seriously, if you're in the Mount on December 18th, don't miss the next Little Big Markets!