Thursday, October 8, 2009

My baby said she wanted adventure...

I have to say, I am having the best time sourcing the stock for gran's loose change. I have been up at the crack of dawn the past few weekends to hit the garage sales (which haven't been the best of late to be honest); I have scoured the Bay's op shops and ventured across to Rotorua a couple of times where I have landed a few hidden gems! A road trip to Auckland this weekend should also provide a whole heap of newness, just. for. you.

I can't wait to show you all of the bits and bobs - clothing, shoes, furniture - and it's just the beginning. The hardest part is trying to part with some of the treasures! Leather jackets, lace dresses, fur and bombers for the boys...I want to keep it all!!

And just because she does it so well, I wanted to share one of my fave vintage dressers with you...Alexa Chung. Some days, I'd quite like to be her, unfortunately, she doesn't wear enough black!

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