Sunday, January 30, 2011


JM and I are making the long drive up North tomorrow morning, all the way to Taupo Bay. I've never been past Auckland before so I am beyond excited to stop in and explore what Northland and it's surrounds has to offer. We're staying at a friend's bach for four blissful days. I hope this weather holds out as we are both in dire need of relaxation!

It's the last holiday I will have for a wee while as I start my new job next Tuesday (which means late nights and weekends on gran's loose change - crazy? Not at all, I LOVE to be busy!) so we are going to make the most of it. Even better, the teeny, tiny, towns up North are supposedly killer for op-shopping. Here's to coming home on Friday all rested up, with a tan and a booty for gran's loose change! Have a lovely week!

*Note! If you have ordered anything on the site up until today, it will be couriered tomorrow. If you make an order this week, it will be couriered first thing next Monday! xxK

Friday, January 28, 2011

Frequently asked questions...

You know those little tabs down the bottom of lots of online stores that say 'FAQ' which are usually all about shipping and privacy and all that jazz? Well, I have decided to answer all of your frequently asked questions with regards to gran's loose change specifically and not shipping and privacy and all that on to learn more about the site and well, me I guess.

Who owns gran's loose change?
glc originated from an idea between two colleagues. One with connections and opportunities and one with big dreams. I, Kelly Barriball, created and ran gran's loose change from inception and then brought the site outright late in 2010. She is solely mine.

Do you do anything outside of gran's loose change?
During 2010 I worked fulltime for a marketing and advertising agency and ran/developed/created/managed glc after my usual 9-5 and in weekends. I finished up there in December and have been focussed on glc as well as The Little Big Markets during the summer months. BUT I start a new job with a brand new agency on February 7th.

I continue to work for 'the man' as I started gran's loose change with no financial backing. This is something most people probably don't know or realise. Every penny that is earnt on glc is put back into stock and overheads.

I love the design and communications industry. I love to create. I love to succeed and it develops my skills which in turn help develop gran's loose change. So, watch this space! The new agency is amazing, so supportive, creative and innovative. We are going to make magic!

Who helps you?
I am lucky enough to have an amazing group of friends, who also happen to be beautiful people that I rope into modelling for me as well. I have huge support from friends in the creative industries as well as ideapeople, accountants, lawyers and the likes. I am very, very lucky.

Where do you see glc in the future?
I am the first to admit that I never wanted to own a retail store. I wanted to be the boss. I wanted to start something from nothing and see it succeed. I wanted to grow. Ideally, I'd like to be able to pay a manager to maintain the site while I continue to do the buying (internationally I hope), PR, social media and overall business side of things.

... If you have any more FAQs you're dying to ask, do it! Post a comment, send me an email, message us on facebook. I'd love to hear from you!

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On the road again...

For the seventh time (in the past two years) I will be packing my room, my house and my life up and shifting into a new pad. Since moving back to the Mount, my flats have never lasted long due to flatmates moving, the houses selling, or the timing being bad. It's been stressful, expensive and tiring at times but I have had a blast in each of my houses.

However, not only do I have to rearrange my belongings and start my life again, I also have to shift gran's loose change and set up my work space and studio as well.

Needless to say, we lag behind a bit for a wee while so I am giving you all plenty of warning, I move on Thursday 17 February so for a few days before and after, I may not be as responsive as we would all hope. Although I will try my very best!!

Once I am settled however, we will be back to business and this time it will be better than ever! JM and I have found our very own little cottage on the beach. After living with flatmates and a mixture of furnishings and belongings, I am very excited to start afresh with our stuff and our style and be able to create our first little home.

Here's to white house dreaming...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

glc loves Jasmin Sparrow

New Jasmin Sparrow accessories online now. Necklaces, earrings and headpieces. Delicious. Buy here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Latest lady love...

Introducing Paris-based model and blogger (read her blog, The Killing Moon here), Margaux Lonnber. There's something about her bleached blonde hair (which is just the perfect amount of unbrushed tousled-ness - shit I wish my hair would do that), piercing blue eyes and bevy of tattoos that makes her my new lady love.

I have four tattoos myself (although I have been tattooed six times) and love the expression behind each person's tattoos. I also like that with the change in times, we are seeing more and more models with tattoos. Gone are the days of tattoos being associated with motorcycle gangs, and hello to the days where tatts are an expression of one's thoughts, feelings, experiences or dreams (although I'm not going to lie, there are still plenty of butterfly/rose/tribal tatts that should never EVER pierce the skin of someone's body)... Anyway, enjoy!
The more I look at Margaux, the more I think she kind of looks like the ivory version of NZ's Next Top Model winner Danielle Hayes, don't you think?

Those freckles, mysterious eyes and pouty lips?? I'm a fan of both.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Our newest fan...

So, we were recently sent a notification that 'RosieIvyLies' was following us on Twitter and we were beyond excited. Rosie, is Rosie O'Connell, the drummer for New Zealand's rock pop girl band, Ivy Lies.

Here's what their biography says:

Originally from Christchurch, Ivy Lies was formed by Lisa, Emla and Rosie under the name 'Starlett' while the girls were still at school. This is where the band caught the eye of SonyBMG, who then signed the band to a development deal, when they were only 17 years old.

The development deal that followed led to two singles, 'What I Had', which achieved a top 5 NZ radio hit and 'Let It Go', reaching 15. Both tracks received heavy airplay on commercial radio and music television. The band moved up to Auckland in 2008 to hit the live circuit and integrate themselves in the local music scene.

Ivy Lies recently toured New Zealand's hottest beach spots with the 'Coca-Cola bands on the Beach' tour performing alongside Midnight Youth and Dane Rumble. They have also teamed up with The Edge for the 'Winter Jam/The Experiment' tour along with Dane Rumble, J. Williams and Kidz in Space.

Rosie and I started emailing and very soon after, a package was delivered to Miss O'Connell from gran's loose change. Check her out in our threads below. We think she looks awesome! (Thanks for the pics Rosie!)

We sent through a Q & A to learn more about our most recent fan and she was only happy to oblige. Read the interview below...

What's your full name?
Rosanagh Kate O'Connell

What are you known by?
Rosie, Rose

What do you do?
I play the drums in all girl pop rock band Ivy Lies! I also have half of a BA which I am going back to uni to complete this year.

What would be your dream job?
Doing some live session drumming work for someone like Peaches! This is when I'm not on tour with Ivy Lies which I guess pretty much is my dream job. It doesn't pay the bills yet but we're so lucky we get to tour and see parts of NZ we otherwise wouldn't spend a lot of time in.

What is fashion to you?
A form of expression. It's how we define ourselves and how we tell the world to view us. We get an idea of people and what they're all about the first second we set eyes on them because of what they wear.

What is style to you?
Style is individual. The same clothes can look very very different person to person.

How did you find out about gran's loose change?
On the internet, I can't remember exactly but I was looking at fashion blogs/vintage clothing sites and was immediately intrigued.

What is the best advice you've ever been given?
Someone once said that there is a reason why you are on that stage and these people have paid to see you. I don't get stage fright but growing up in a girl band was often intimidated by the boys. They all had that instant confidence or 'cockiness' that we didn't. Still you have to get past that and put on a show!

What is the best sartorial advice you've ever been given?
"In some countries it's illegal to wear two different denims". It was this ONE time...sorry.

What's one thing gran's loose change customers might not know about you?
Heeeaps. What would you like to know? I am a Virgo, was born in Oamaru, have since lived in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland, have been in the same band for 10 years with two other girls who I think legally I may be in a de faco relationship with....I like cats and own very few shoes (mostly chuck taylors) but heaps of bags.

Ivy Lies' album Little Mind Games is out 28th February. Make sure you grab a copy and support New Zealand music.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Polka dots, florals, stripes...patterned pants are all right with me...

I love love love the return of the 'pant'. Straight leg, tapered, harem pants, cropped. They are a great alternative to skinny jeans, especially when in summer when it's so hot. I am a fan. And so are overseas designers...

And look what we have here. A kick-ass pair of pants on gran's loose change.

Get yourself online NOW and snap up these 'In the jungle' harem pants. They won't last! I tell ya!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A picture says a thousand words...

In amongst this chaos, I found the most amazing sheer white shirt. Thank you Te Kuiti!

A gorgeous little antique shop in Moturoa - too many china tea sets that I wanted!

The infamous Stent Road on our day of arrival.

Beautiful Fitzroy Beach - Josh took a few snaps while I was getting my hair done for the wedding..!

The beautiful, magical venue, Lake Mangamahoe.

It's the little things..

The first kiss! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Betteridge!

The best man (and my long time friend) Somers, me and JM. I couldn't wipe that cheesy racoon grin off my face ALL day!!

Thank you Sophie Burrowes!!

My first dance with my beautiful new sister.

It was such an amazing day, the wedding was beautiful, the venue was perfect, the speeches were hilarious and we all had a blast! Thank you Nick and Sarah, I love you and congratulations!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Naki bound...

I last made a visit to my 'hometown', the Naki, just over a year ago. My stepbrother, who is just three weeks older than me, married my now stepsister-in-law, (aka my sister) in a beautiful and intimate wedding. Now, just over a year later, my big stepbrother is marrying his long term lover, and my soon to be wonderful stepsister-in-law, (aka, my sister from another mister).

I spent from when I was born until I started university in New Plymouth but don't get back much these days. My mum has since moved to the Bay so I don't think of it as my 'home' so much anymore.

However, a family wedding is a great reason to flit down to the rugged West Coast, catch up with friends and of course, op shop! It's the perfect excuse to fit in two things JM and I both love - surfing and thrifting.

The drive from the Mount to the Naki has so many quirky little towns that pretty much sell fish'n'chips, petrol and beer. And second hand clothes!

Once we get to New Plymouth, we're heading down the Coast to stay with one of my beautiful longtime friends, and so JM can do some surfboard riding. Here's hoping the Naki turns it on for us.

I am beyond excited for our little weekend roadtrip and of course, super excited about the wedding too!
I'll be sure to post pics of our trip on my return. I am away until Monday so if you make a purchase on from now until then, it will be sent Monday. Until then....have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

London is Burning...

Back when I was in the Front Row Diary Fashion Week blogger comp I came across the lovely new New Zealand designer, Sophie Burrowes. Her collections I'd seen were beautiful. Feminine, soft and super pretty. Those who know me will know that none of those are words I would use to describe my personal wardrobe or style but I adored nearly every piece. There was something about Sophie Burrowes the label. Some kind of grunty, kick ass, 'I have to have me some of that' freshness to it. And when I saw her Winter '11 collection, there it was. A collection that teams softness and femininity with an underground edge. 'London is Burning' has a dark, rich, mysterious side to it and I cannot wait to see it hit the stores in March.

Sophie and I have exchanged several emails and phonecalls now and she is just as pleasant as her label. AND, the wonderful Miss Burrowes has arranged a dress for me to wear to my brother's wedding this Saturday from her brand new collection!! I am so excited to adorn the beauty of Sophie Burrowes. Which one? You'll have to wait and see...I'll be sure to post pics after the wedding this Saturday.

London is Burning, Winter '11
Model: Georgie Wright at Red 11
Photographer: Daniel Batten
Assistant: Luke Doig
Hair and Make-up: Uma Lele

Sophie is a young, New Zealand design powerhouse. She is STILL studying fashion design and has accomplished far too much for her tender age! (I say that out of admiration!!!) Check out her website here and read on to learn about Sophie Burrowes.

What is your full name?
Sophie Mahony Burrowes

What are you known as?

What do you do?
University Student first then fashion designer

What would you ideally like to do?
Ideally, I would love to design for a large established company and not have to worry with all the things like accounts and production. But. If I can't do that I want to keep growing my label so it becomes a full time job for me when I leave uni.

What inspires you?
Everything really. Reading blogs and coming across pictures that I like. Usually I end up finding a fabric that inspires me and go from there.

You obviously design new clothing, and we (gran's loose change) obviously source and sell second hand and vintage - do you think there has to be one or the other or do they go together?
They definitely go together, finding old vintage things that work in today's trends can look great,I prefer it when the vintage pieces are more clean cut however, like quality leather belts, accessories, sheer cream shirts. On the other hand I'm always a fan of the 80's metallics.

What's one thing gran's loose change customers may not know about you?
Hmmmm.... I'm addicted to Sims 3.

Where do you want to be in five years?
Have never really thought of that! Hopefully I won't still be mooching off my parents for food! As long as I'm designing something I think I'll be happy.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
Well my parents always say to just keep going and do want I want.

Word of wisdom for gran's loose change customers?
Fashions fade, style is eternal. Be comfortable in your own skin.