Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey hey it's Saturday...!

Sooo, we're shooting our summer lookbook on Sunday and we are SUPER excited. We can't wait to see the results! Even more exciting, NEXT Saturday, November 6th, we are all booked up.

We will be setting up our first stall at The Little Big Markets (corner Matai St and Maunganui Rd) from 7am. We're pretty excited to have the closest thing to a real life store so if you're in the Bay be sure to pop down and say hi! The markets open at 9 and we will be soaking up the atmosphere until 2pm. There will be bargains galore so make sure you make the time to visit!!! Have I made that clear?

Home to relax for a bit and then, we'll be hitting our favourite Mount local, Major Toms. Why? Well, not only do they make the yummiest mojitoes, our friends Port Royal will be debuting their band. Expect nothing and don't be disappointed, these boys like to party but the verdict's still out on whether they can sing! We'll definitely be there to decide on the day, (or to have a bit of a laugh) will you?

Disclaimer! We promise we love you boys although we do not take responsibility for bleeding ears or booing crowds...!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Street Style - inspiration...

I spend a couple of hours at night trawling through fashion, beauty and style blogs. Mostly for inspiration for lookbook shoots and styling, occasionally for personal style and sometimes just for the sheer beauty of the photos captured on the screen. Here's a few of my faves at the mo...

Images - Models Off Duty, Fashion Key and Chronicles of the Fashion Cupboard

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come around sundown...

I've been listening to the new Kings of Leon album on repeat for the past week and while I have read the reviews - (some say they are 'selling out' to mainstream, others that they have tried too hard this time round) I love them all the same. I've seen them play live and they are by far the best band I have ever heard.

Better yet, the drummer, Nathan Followill has a grungy style that I kinda like. Maybe it's the long haired 'urban woodsman' look, maybe it's the fact that he looks good in a suit; in ripped jeans; in a Jack Daniels OG tee; and in a beanie. He's not the prettiest man alive but he definitely has style and is one hell of a drummer!

What do you think?

Images from Google Images

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kelly Barriball. Director. gran's loose change.

A year ago when gran's loose change was first dreamed up, she was going to be called The Collective. And then my friend Bobby beat me to it with a completely different project. We sat down around the table and threw ideas around but none of them felt right. And then I looked to what I know best - my gut. My heart. And came up with gran's loose change. It is based from experiences with my own grandmother - the matriarch of my family; the root of my family; the strongest and most inspiring woman I know. When I was growing up she used to take me to The Chalet (cafe) in New Plymouth and I was allowed a white bread sandwich and a neenish tart. And every time, without fail, Gran paid with her loose change from her gold Oroton glomesh purse.

You may have heard that story before, but something you may not know is that when we started, there were two directors. So while gran's loose change meant so very much to me, it didn't necessarily have the same impact on the other director. Nor did it really feel like 'mine'.

Thanks to the ongoing support of the aforementioned director, I have been given the freedom to grow gran's loose change - however, that being said, without having complete control and ownership I have definitely held back in some instances. Well, as of today, I can announce that gran's loose change is (amicably) 100% mine.

So I introduce to you.... me! Kelly Barriball. Director. gran's loose change.

I am 26 years old. I work fulltime on top of running gran's loose change. I am also the co-curator and co-founder of The Little Big Markets. I like oversized cardies. The smell of rain is one of my favourite things. My other half is a mad scientist. I live in vintage booties or Chaos & Harmony wedges. I write in my spare time. I believe in miracles and the power of positive thinking. I like to jump off cliffs into the water. I like to dance and I live to laugh. I can make fun of myself. I want to build gran's loose change to be bigger. I want gran's loose change to be the first choice of all New Zealanders for online vintage and second hand shopping. I want to travel and build my collection of second hand finds. I want to live in a white house. Today I have listened to Angus & Julia Stone, Kings of Leon, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Bob Dylan and The Shins. Sunday barbeques are awesome. I believe in love like my life depends on it. I have exciting plans for gran's loose change and she will only get bigger and better.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I am always interested in hearing your feedback so please feel free to comment or drop me an email at Thank you for coming on this ride with me.

Much love, K x

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A warm cuppa 'cocco'...

During my usual nightly hour of blog procrastination I came across a handsome wee fellow called Juan Cocco (thanks 'Sweet Nothings' xx). He hails from Spain, is a mere 20 years old and nails casual-cool time and time again. Check him out on Lookbook here.

Upon further stalking of him I found he has a blog. One of his posts entitled 'Girls' made me laugh as my boyfriend has a 'girls' folder saved on his desktop. When I was initially introduced to this folder I held my breath in anticipation of a lot of nudity. However both JM and Juan Cocco have an eye for style and their 'girls' are in fact, beautiful, stylish and artistic. They, (like myself and I'm sure most female glc followers), scour the web for modelling shoots of Kate Moss, oohh and aahh over up and coming models like Bambi Norwood-Blyth and critique the style and flair of (my new personal fave) Gillian Zinser.

Whether he's checking out girls or dressing himself, it's clear Juan has an eye for style - he was even recently featured in Simone Werle's new book, The Style Diaries. Oh for a wee tacker he sure has it going on... better yet, fellas - you can match his style with new products from gran's loose change. SHIT YEAH!!

Will you marry me...?

One thing I love (even more than vintage clothing) is a man with a bit of lyrical genius. I like a man that can write the shit out of something, even if it's something stupid like a cheeky love note stuck to the windscreen of my car (forgive me, I'm digressing) and despite being labelled 'an ice queen' I really am a romantic at heart.

So, with lyrics like: "
If you love me with all that you are. If you love me I'll make you a star in my universe. You'll never have to go to work. You'll spend everyday, shining your light my way" Angus stone had already won me over. AND he knows how to dress! BONUS!

So, here you have it gran's loose change fans, eye candy for the ladies and style tips for the lads - (or fellas, you could just check out his equally as gorgeous sister, Julia. Damn some families just get all the luck!)

Angus Stone, you are a man after my heart...

New lady love...

I love a new Hollywood celeb who doesn't conform to 'high end' designers or haute couture. Sometimes Chanel and Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana just aren't all that inspiring. Enter new 90210 babe, Gillian Zinser.

Images - Google Images and they all hate us

Leopard, denim cut offs, top knots and maxi skirts - just a few of my favourite things. Do you love or loathe her?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fancy that...?!

If you're a fan of gran's loose change you may already know that I write a monthly blog for our friends over at FashioNZ. This month, it's all about tips for shopping at the markets - FANCY THAT! WE are launching markets on the 6th of November. Coincidence?

Read my blog entry below: (or click here to read it in all its glory on FashioNZ).

To Market, to Market

With summer on its way, I for one am excited about lazy weekends, sunshine, swimming and shopping. (Always, always shopping!) The difference with shopping in summer, however, is that outdoor markets start popping up so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds - spending money and enjoying the sunshine!

During my two years in Sydney I frequented the Bondi and Glebe markets weekly with the Surry Hills and Kirribilli markets a monthly fixture in my diary. Markets are a fantastic place to pick up unique and interesting clothes and bric-a-brac as well as a great founding place for up and coming designers. Bondi did it for sass & bide after all...

Sadly, good, strong markets are one thing New Zealand seems to lack, so when I say 'outdoor markets start popping up' I mean, gran's loose change along with Idiom Boutique created our own! The Little Big Markets are launching in Mount Maunganui this November with regular stallholders including Riddle Me This, who recently debuted at New Zealand Fashion Week, NYNE, a favourite of FashioNZ, gran's loose change, Idiom Boutique and Neverland Collective.

The Glebe Markets were a favourite of mine because there was always live music, a heap of fashion and a fabulous mix of new designs and one-off vintage stalls - The Little Big Markets hopes to replicate this and grow to be bigger and better!

The Little Big Markets will be this summer’s Saturday morning must-visit in Mount Maunganui. Located next to Zespri on the corner of Matai St and Maunganui Rd, the markets are an innovative arena to showcase vintage clothing, samples and seconds, jewellery, arts, crafts and more. You never know what treasures you may find!

Launching November 6th and pretty much every second Saturday throughout summer, The Little Big Markets will be well worth the drive to the Mount!

Dates are:
November 6th and 20th
December 4th and 18th
January 15th and 29th
February 5th and 19th
March 12th and 26th

When visiting markets it's important to remember the following:

Take cash. A lot of stalls won't have Eftpos and if they're busy, they won't be able to hold your products while you dash off to get cash

Make sure you have a good couple of hours free - there are so many interesting people, products and things to see at markets, before you know it you're whole day may be gone!

Have a water bottle with you - markets are outdoors, in the sun, in the peak of summer

Make sure you get there early - the best stuff sells fast so the early bird catches the worm!

We hope to see you there. Until next month,

Kel x

Read The Little Big Markets' blog here

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cropped affection...

Style shots from Google Images

Wear them on their own or layer them up - whatever you choose, you need a wee crop in your wardrobe this summer. I'll be wearing mine layered up over a baggy singlet with with my beloved Levis cutoffs and some kick ass military booties. So easy. How do you wear yours?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Behind the scenes...

Always good times. Thanks to photographer, Julia Keddell and babelicious model, Georgia Davis. HUGE love and gratitude for your time - as always xx

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wild child young and free...

Juliette Hogan
Ladies, we've said it before and we'll say it again, the maxi is making a comeback this spring/summer and lucky for you, we have plenty!! We're shooting product tonight so you can expect to see newbies tomorrow (or Saturday at the latest). While you're waiting, here's some inspiration to get you buzzing...

Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester

Style shots from

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday bloody Sunday...

When I started gran's loose change a few months ago there were three places I wanted to be featured more than anywhere else - Frankie mag (check), Viva (check) and Sunday. And thanks to the wonderful Sarah Murray, this week, gran's loose change made it to Sunday mag within an article about garage sales! Yeeooowwww!!!!

Now - whose next on the hitlist???

Friday, October 8, 2010

Market day...

For the past few weeks gran's loose change and Idiom Boutique have been dreaming of the best marketplace ever. We have fought the council, contacted the mayor, contacted the mayor again, and as a result, we got what we wanted - the corner of Matai Street and Maunganui Road (next to Zespri). So, gran's loose change followers, I introduce you to, (officially), The Little Big Markets, brought to you by gran's loose change and Idiom Boutique.

Pretty much every second Saturday, 9am - 2pm, launching November. Bring a fifty not a fiver as you will get the best deals from local designers and stores as well as jewellery, arts, crafts, home baking, vintage and more:

November 6th and 20th
December 4th and 18th
January 15th and 29th
February 5th and 19th
March 12th and 26th.

If you'd like a stall or to find out more information, please email Kelly - or Rachelle -

Right foot, right time...

Fellas, have you got your brownies yet? Brogues, oxfords, dress shoes, whatever your flavour, do it. Buy here.