Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There's no such thing as too many shoes...

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I stopped in to visit my darling mum at work the other day and we discussed the two things in life you should always spend money on. Good beds and good shoes. My mum works for Beds R Us so the bed situation is sorted and as for shoes, well a woman can never have too many and my first stop is always Chaos & Harmony.

Chaos & Harmony launched in 2008 and quickly became one of New Zealand's favourite shoe brands. The obsessive passion for shoes developed early for Lead Designer and Managing Director, Rebecca Anderson. In order to transform this love into an art form she pursued study at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Italy. Upon her return, Rebecca collaborated with long-time friend and colleague, Renee Ryland, to form the now well established brand. They are now into their sixth season and just keep getting better and better.

I chatted with Beks about inspiration, drive and all things shoes.

How long have you been designing shoes?

Since 2006 - so coming up five years.

Was this always your childhood dream?

It wasn't always as specific as being a shoe designer, but I definitely had a shoe obsession at a young age. At one stage I wanted to be a shoe buyer, so the shoe theme has always been strong!

Where did you study?

I studied at IED - Istituto Europeo di Design in beautiful Roma, Italia.

How did this location influence your designs?

I loved Europe and the strength of style, so our designs are definitely something we look at and ask ourselves, how would these sit on an international platform?

How do you get into the 'zone' when you design?

Oh the zone, it's always a novel experience and different each time, sometimes it's being locked away, sometimes it's in a cafe. I often travel up to the Coromandel and stay, just to be away from the phone/email/Facebook/Twitter :)

I find that if we have a strong inspirational starting point, the design flows!

What inspires you?

People, culture, chairs (I have a thing for them), Interior design, travel, music, airports (I have a strange fascination with airports), conversations, sunny days, thoughts, ideas, "what ifs", the future.

Three things you couldn't live without?

Superficially...... makeup, iPhone and shoes

Realistically.......friends, family and hope

What are your favourite shoes from your winter collection?

I've been obsessed with the 'In the Parlours' this week. I love that they give a different look for each outfit I wear, they go the distance style wise.

What can we expect to see in summer?

Pink, fun playful shoes, platforms at a mid height that are so comfortable you will sleep in them, and some silver!

Do you believe in luck?

Nope. I believe in working hard and creating opportunities.

Quick fire five. I say, you say:

Love - Holidays

Success - it's a journey

Food - Italian every time

Music - Loving The Jezabels at the moment

Shoes - Can't get enough of them!

Now go, get to the website and see for yourself, the amazingness that is Chaos & Harmony.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lookbook lovin'

Images: Theyallhateus, Wethepeople

I know I know, I've been saying 'the lookbook is coming' for weeks now but the coordination of six people has proved harder than anticipated. However, we have finally locked down a date that works with the models, makeup artists, photographer and creative assistant so really, I mean it when I say the lookbook is coming! Here's some inspiration in the meantime.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Alice in Wonderland...

Images: Google
Two of my favourite Alices, Alice Dellal, model and Alice Glass, lead singer of Crystal Castles.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

See you soon Bali...

I was just doing my daily blog trawl and saw this pic on They all hate us. I love bracelets and even more so on a man wearing red jeans!

Speaking of bracelets...I'm taking a two week break in September and my other half and I are buggering off, away from this winter weather, to the delightful shores of Bali.

In Bali I plan to:
  • Read a lot, I've just bought much acclaimed Shantaram and Leo Tolstoy's classic War and Peace. Both are over 1000 pages long so they should keep me busy.
  • Lie in the sun - there's nothing like getting a tan during New Zealand's winter
  • Shop - if there's one thing I do well it's shop. Hello markets! Hello leather! Hello shoes, bracelets, dresses, bags, rings, trinkets and treasures! Oh my!
  • Eat - I love food. Full stop.
  • Drink - JM and I have already decided 'it's never too early in Bali'.
  • Attempt surfing again - JM took me for my first surf lesson ever in Taupo Bay this summer so I'm hoping to progress to paddling into a wave on my own!
  • Do yoga - JM will definitely want to make the most of the surf in Indo so I plan to refresh my mind with a little yoga.
  • Get facials and massages - I've heard only good things about spas in Bali and plan to make the most of cheap massages!

Sounds blissful right? I can't wait! Oh my, I have digressed. The point of this post is that I also love the warmer weather because I LOVE jewellery and being covered in winter wool just doesn't really work with wearing lots of gems.

I can't wait til my wrists are free from the constraints of sleeves and I can layer up bracelets to my heart's content. I'll be wearing One of Spades and Lindi Kingi that's for sure!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well suited...

I have never been a big fan of the fellas wearing blazers with jeans. I think it goes back to my uni days when an unnamed man used to wear a blazer layered over a hoody, over a tee. It hurt my eyes a little.

However, I've started to warm to the idea, when worn with a shirt and jeans, it can actually pack quite a punch. My friend Hope arrived at dinner a couple of weeks back looking rather swish in a shirt and blazer with jeans. Nevermind the fact that his girlfriend asked him why he was so dressed up, he simply replied: 'I like to make an effort'.

Well boys, take a leaf out of Hope and James Franco's books and add a blazer to your wardrobe wares. Oh look, we even have a couple on gran's loose change at the moment, fancy that!

Woops, I'm not sure how this one got in here, he's not even wearing a blazer?.....(anyone else think he is a complete and utter dreamboat?)

All images: Google

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For your eyes only...

You may have noticed that when I blog for gran's loose change I often say 'we'. As if gran's loose change is this kick ass corporation with hundreds of staff. I guess I started doing that right from day one as back then, I had a business partner so we were a we. However, I have owned gran's loose change solely for a long time now and as the past year has ticked by, I have started to say 'I' more often. From this day on, I will be blogging for gran's loose change as me. Kelly. Because that's who gran's loose change is. Hi, nice to meet you.

What I won't do, is use this blog as a 'personal style blog'. That's just not me. Generally I don't like having my photo taken and I can't pose for shit. I end up with a double chin or a racoon face. But, I am posting 'style pics' today, mostly for Fashion Westie as we'd both been looking for a fluffy bear-like fur vest or jacket for a wee while and lookie lookie what I found.... so Westie, this is for you. And just so you know, taking photos of myself was the most awkward and unnatural experience I have ever had. How the fuck do you pose for a self-timer without laughing? (Short answer, you don't, check out the last pic). Enjoy.

I'm wearing Rubi suede heels (don't laugh, such a bargain! And so comfy!), Levis Extreme Skinnys, WOMEN Design sheer shirt with tails and vintage faux long-fur vest (Ebay).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nom nom nom...

Images by Vela Images
A little while back we were approached to start stocking Lindi Kingi Jewellery, and after seeing the range we are super excited to announce that as of next week, a selection of Lindi Kingi jewels will be available online! Keep an eye out and in the meantime, become a fan on facebook here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday funday...

After waking up to pouring rain, the sun came out long enough to enjoy a late brunch with my lovely product models Georgia and Josh. I'm lucky enough that Georgia is also a wonderful friend of mine and Josh is my other half so their company is always welcome and we always have fun.

We headed to Back Porch in the Mount. They have a quiet little outdoor area and it was surprisingly warm today so we spread out the paper and enjoyed coffees until our food came. Georgia ordered the 'Energiser' breakfast - eggs, hummus, spinach, cottage cheese, mushrooms and toast. I wasn't in the mood for 'brunch food' so chose the calamari. Josh's 'Grill' took longer to come than our meals so I was busy devouring my meal and didn't get a chance to photograph it!

After we filled our tummies, Josh made the most of the stormy weather and went surfing while Georgia and I poured over our local second hand bookstore where we both walked away with a handful of new novels. I then spent the rest of the afternoon uploading new product, I hope you enjoy!!

Get in quick because these winter warmers won't last. Shop online here!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Navajo...

You might remember our friend Julia as the photographer for our first three lookbooks...

Magpies to Butterflies

The drifter's escape

Run away with me

However, the incredibly talented Julia is now not only a graphic designer at Trelise Cooper, she has her own blog Little Navajo and sells some of her new and upcycled wares through her other blog, Byzantine Market.

Little Navajo is a constant source of inspiration for us as Jules is a whizz behind the camera. She has the capability to create emotion through images and she tells a story while doing so. We're super proud of her and we're sure you'll love her work as much as we do.

All images by Julia Keddell.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New stock Sunday...

We know, we've been slack with the product uploads of late. But that's not because we haven't been doing anything. We have been buying, washing and measuring to our heart's content and this weekend, we will be shooting all of our new stock. Both guys and girls, we are particularly excited about our pair of Men's Original Wallabee Clarks.

This footwear classic originated in 1965 when Lance Clark sketched out a moccasin built on 'our nature-formed last' to create the world's first comfortable shoe.

Images via Google. Please note, ours are black on black leather and they are vintage, not new.

Keep your eyes peeled for these babies as well as denim jackets and leathers, furs and woollen knits for the ladies.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Love love leather...

I have been on the hunt for the perfect leather pants ("trousers!" as my friend Lucy would say) and thanks to my lovely friend Julia, I am now the owner of the perfect lambskin pair.... can't wait to wear them!

Images via Google

Stop existing, start living...

This week is Bowel Cancer Awareness Week in New Zealand. Did you know that more people get bowel cancer in New Zealand than any other cancer? And it is the second highest cause of cancer death?

Probably not because no one talks about this asshole of a disease, mind the pun. Well, I am, because I have spent the past two and a half years watching my darling Mum fight this very cancer.

Approximately 2700 people get bowel cancer in New Zealand each year and of that about 1500 die. My mum was one of the lucky ones. We need a cure. Do a good deed for the day and donate here - and help find a cure for bowel cancer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love is...

....seeing the successes of someone with drive, determination and passion.

I was trawling the web last night (serious online shopping compulsion) and as usual, was lusting over the goods on the One Teaspoon site.

Florentine Cape, yes please!

I always like to read about the people/team behind the brands/sites I am viewing and I have probably read Jamie Blakely's intro about a hundred times. How's this for drive, determination and passion!...

"I once saw Jamie Blakey dressed as Wonder Woman...

In true Jamie style she had whipped together an awesome outfit hours before the party and looked like sex on legs when she rolled up, all smokey eyed, power hair and lycra. It was only when I looked back on these photos a year or so later, James assuming the strong 6 foot Wonder Woman stirling pose, hands on hips, staring straight down the barrel that it occurred to me... this wasn't any kinda alias or alter ego....Jamie Blakey is in fact a bloody super hero!

From jumping on a bus from Queensland to Sydney when she was a teen, hand making the first denim jeans on her bedroom floor to building an internationally successful brand in just 10 years. Jamie is the most motivational, creative and ingenuitive person I have ever met. The words 'can't and 'won't' do not exist in her vocab. Give her 30mins, a bag of fabric and a sewing machine and BOOM you're on the social pages 'it gal' list by Sunday.

And she does this all with an essence of pure calm and a no-bullshit attitude....

...One Teaspoon has dug it's leopard print flag in the ground and marked it's territory by providing awesome chicks with cool threads, 24/7 from the beach to the streets of the big smoke. James aka Wonder Woman ain't going nowhere soon, she is and will continue to ride her own wild horse into a glorious sunset in a damn hot pair of the best denim shorts you will ever get your cotton pickin hands on!

Jump on board the OT train and enjoy the Love affair with life, the best journey you can ever imagine".

I only hope one day someone will say something equally as fierce about me.

FYI: Busy is better...

As of Monday week I am about to become one busy beaver. Many of you already know, but I work at Family Design co. four days a week -, as of Monday, I will be full time with Family.

What does that mean for you I hear you ask?! NOTHING my friends, it just means I will have to work harder and more efficiently to ensure gran's loose change is business as usual.

gran's loose change is my baby, she's been an experience and she was a challenge I wanted to give myself and exceed. My career however, is in the communications/marketing/design industry and I need to push myself further within my role and development, hence the decision to take on a fulltime role.

gran's loose change will continue to grow and build and you will still find all of your favourite vintage finds online, as usual. It just means I will be 'gran's loose change-ing' in my sleep, and I wouldn't have it any other way.