Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Come one, come all...

So, despite a few temperamental issues, www.gransloosechange.co.nz is officially live. She is born. She is here. YAHOO!!!

I know, there's only something like 15 things for the boys. Well never fear. We have enlisted the help from a special someone, who happens to be a boy, (ok, a man) for 'man-clothes scouting'. We are also working on a 'supplier' to help with the levels of stock, as it seems you kids are cleaning us out!

We will endeavour to upload new products every week so be sure to check back daily as new delights will constantly be added. For guys AND the gals.

Thanks for your support and drop us a line at hello@gransloosechange.co.nz if you have anything exciting to share with us. Or even just to say hi.

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