Wednesday, July 14, 2010

gran's loose change loves Frankie mag...

From Pharrell to Frankie...Yep, that's right, we featured on the Frankie mag website today and we feel pretty spesh.

Upon crossing the ditch in 2007, Frankie was my number one read. Every. Single. Month. So to be featured in this mag, filled to the brim with designers, artists, writers and other such creative talent, it warms my icy heart! Read the tit-bit here.


  1. Every. Single. Month? Frankie is bi monthly.

  2. Good spotting 'Anonymous'. However bi-monthly doesn't mean that it can't still my 'number one read every single month' - ever read the same thing twice? I often read the same copy of Frankie a handful of times. How about you?

  3. True, and adore going back through old old issues!


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