Monday, August 1, 2011

Breaking news....!!!

After a long weekend of discussions, JM and I have made a rather large decision which will greatly affect gran's loose change.

On September 3rd, we are heading off to Bali for two wonderful weeks of sun, relaxation, adventure and fun. We arrive back in New Zealand on the 17th of September, only to turn around, hop back on a plane and make ourselves a life in Sydney....

gran's loose change is now 18 months old. In the past year and a half I have poured my heart and soul into the development and growth of the site and have loved (nearly) every second of it.

I have styled four lookbooks. I have had press in some of New Zealand's most popular magazines, blogs and newspaper supplements. I have featured in Frankie mag, twice. I have been interviewed on Central News and the Good Morning Show. I have worked with amazing designers, photographers and fellow creatives. I co-found The Little Big Markets and have met the most amazing people along the way.

But during this time, I have also worked (mostly) full time and recently, have felt really, really tired. My gran, my constant inspiration for this site, has always told me: "If you're going to do something, do it properly" and in the last few months, I haven't felt that I've been able to put 100% into the site that I am so ridiculously proud of.

With that in mind, as of the 1st of September, gran's loose change will no longer be a live site. We are going AWOL for awhile. I am going to refresh and relax my mind in Bali and then assess the market in Sydney as well as reevaluate what I want and what's best for me.

gran's loose change is not closing down, gran's loose change is just taking a much deserved rest. What that means is SALE time!!! Starting this Friday, ALL of gran's loose change will be on sale.

And we will also be holding 'The great gran's loose change garage sale' at a yet to be confirmed location in Mount Maunganui. Keep an ear out for more information.

I thank you all for your incredible support during the past year and a half. It truly means the world to me.


  1. exciting! hope you have a sweet holiday and good luck with the move xo

  2. The Mount and NZ will be sad to lose you! I'm glad to hear GLC is only having a little rest, not disappearing forever.


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