Monday, March 15, 2010

Things we love...Part 1.

twentysevennames. d-luxe jewellery. Richard Dawkins, the world's most honest Atheist. Op-shopping. Markets, especially Rozelle and Surry Hill markets in Sydney. Winter clothing (layers, leather, wool and boots!) Major Toms bar, Mount Maunganui. Watching the sun come up. DVDs in bed on a winter's day. Hot, strong tea in beautiful china tea cups. Biker boots. Justin Bobby. Fashion inspiration. Design. Erin Wasson. Pencil illustrations. Florence and the Machine. Bob Dylan. Floor lamps. Old grandfather clocks. Heirloom jewellery passed down through generations. Reading out loud. Laughing really loudly. Friendship. Blogs. Bidding wars. Antiques. Kate Moss.

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