Monday, May 17, 2010

True to the roots...

So, as many of your faithful followers would know, gran's loose change originated based on the memories, style and love of my gran. She has lived a colourful life. She has travelled the world. She has worn designer clothing since before I was born but she knows how to throw a vintage outfit together like ever I saw one. She has always looked after her skin and looks years younger than her seventy something years. The boyfriend and I stopped by to visit Gran and my grandad yesterday and we will filled with stories of Scotland and golf and the Swiss and tales of travel and adventure, we were told jokes and riddles and memories from the wonder years... they really do rock my world!

The two of them have a beautiful relationship. After more than 55 years of marriage they still joke with one another, laugh with one another and look lovingly at one another like no one else exists. It's heartwarming to see!

The best part of our visit yesterday was that I was sent home with a hoard of beautiful vintage goodies. If you were ever to step into my gran's spotless home, you would have an understanding of the condition that these treasures are in. In my hot little hands I have a Jacque Vert suit. And by suit I mean jacket, slacks, a skirt, the matching silk shirt, leather belt, leather shoes and clutch. Me oh my!

Vintage heels, purses and coats will be uploaded tomorrow. They are in immaculate condition and carry memories, experience and love with them. Feel the clothes as I feel the stories...! Enjoy!

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