Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello. Hi. A recap...

Who/what is gran's loose change?
gran's loose change is an online store selling primarily second hand clothing, furniture, accessories and jewellery as well as a few handpicked designer items (these are NEW).

Why gran's loose change?
As a young girl, my grandmother used to take me to a cafe called The Chalet. I was always, without fail, brought a white bread ham sandwich and a neenish tart and my gran paid for it with her loose change from her gold glomesh Oroton purse.

My love for vintage / second hand clothing started from a young age, watching my glamorous gran in awe, and then grew when I was handed down my great grandmother's Cameo ring for my 21st birthday. Living in Wellington for four years and then Sydney for two years and being spoilt for choice with second hand stores and markets made the fire in my belly grow more and more, and now, here we are.

When will gran's loose change be live? Open for business?
Soon. Sorry, it's the best I've got.

Where can I find out more about gran's loose change?

What is 'vintage' to gran's loose change?
We use the word loosely. It is anything second hand, recycled, worn or 'been here before'. We are not trying to be something we're not. We're scouring the shops and online sites FOR YOU and bringing you products at prices that we, ourselves, would pay for them. It's win win really.

Are you ready???

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