Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank you...

There's been a tight group of people helping to get gran's loose change ready.

Thank you Maggi Brunsden and Scott Daniels

A whole bunch of people with passion, ambition, support, guidance, advice, tips and constructive criticism...

Thank you
Lucy Pilkington, Juliet Mclaren, Lisa Fedyszyn, Kate McGahan, Jamee Thomas, Nat Brownrigg, Chloe Robson, Bridgette White.

And there's been a select few who have put their own time into gran's loose change, willingly (ok some were bribed with beer)...but I just wanted to say thanks. A huge, big, massive, loving thanks! We wouldn't be here without you.

Thank you Bridie Fitzgerald, Julia Keddell, Josh Muller.

And those of you who follow the blog, facebook, await with eagerness, have said 'I like your site', or 'I like your idea' or have mentioned something, anything to us, thank you too. You are very much appreciated!

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