Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello. Hi. This is me...

After introducing you all to Josh, I have had a number of emails asking about me. ME?! I'm honoured you want to get to know me!...

From (officially) 8am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, I can be found working in the wonderful world of marketing, advertising, PR, web and events. I work across fashion, local government, commercial and retail (and am probably forgetting something else, no doubt).

From 4.30pm til bedtime I can be found measuring product; uploading; packaging; thinking up quirky product names; updating the blog; photographing; editing; planning my novel that will one day be written; freelance writing (for mags such as Sideroom and Beauty Bible); and daydreaming about overseas adventures.

In the weekends, I can be found at garage sales, op-shops, antique stores or Major Toms in the Mount; Auckland; Hamilton; the BF's parents place for Sunday night dinners (Delicious! And there's ALWAYS homemade dessert to accompany homemade dinners...!); or other destinations in New Zealand sourcing product for gran's loose change.

Hello. Hi. This is me.

If you were to ask me the same questions I have asked Josh, and will ask other buyers, I would say something like this...

How would you describe your personal style? Black, boyish and oversized.

What/who do you find most inspiring? Bret Easton Ellis and James Frey (authors); Erin Wasson, Taylor Tomasi and Christine Centenera (fashion); friends, art and family.

Your three wardrobe essentials? Oversized black tees, black tights, black cardies.

What will you be wearing this winter? Chunky winter knits, vintage ankle boots and textured tights.

One thing you couldn't live without? Hope.

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