Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let the good times roll...

Following on from Josh's buying escapades (he dumped a bag full of goodies on my desk this week by the way - a fur bag to DIE for, boys jumpers and jackets and more) we have enlisted the help of a second buyer extraordinaire. Introducing.....Erin! Erin starts her mission tomorrow and will have two weeks to source only the best buys for our lovely gran's loose change customers. Want to know more? Me too...!

Hi Erin,
What are three things you do outside of work? Hobbies?

I love to design and make my own clothes, I enjoy taking photos and I love to op-shop

How would you describe your personal style?
My own style. Whatever I think works together goes, I don't care what other people think

What/who do you find most inspiring?
My friend Beth, shes amazing! and definitely Audrey Hepburn shes smoking!

Your three wardrobe essentials?
Definitely my military style boots, anything with floral fabrics and my blazer

What will you be wearing this winter?
My blazer worn with military boots and any floral style vintage pieces. And of course warm snugly scarves.

One thing you couldn't live without?
My sewing machine and camera, and guess my friends and family too :)

Keep checking in to see the goodies Erin and Josh come up with!

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