Thursday, September 9, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

One of the best parts of being a buyer for gran's loose change is the sheer delight in discovering a good find! Amongst my scavenger hunting last week I could barely contain my excitement when I found this...

It is possibly one of the best finds I have had since launching gran's loose change. It is in impeccable condition. It is fresh, bright, on trend, in style and god damn I wish it fit me and that I wore colours other than black.

It reminded me of the Zapotec dress a dear visiting Australian friend of mine bought from Ruby Boutique last November...

And it's also similar to a couple of the dresses in twentyseven names' summer 2010/11 range which delights me even more as twentyseven names is a personal fave of mine.

Wedding Album dress

Supremes Blue Magic dress

So, what are you waiting for? There's only ONE. It's best suited to a size 8-10 and it is quite small across the bust. It looks fab as is, but I like things a little shorter, especially with summer coming up so a tailor can nip the hem off and bob's ya aunt. Do it.

Now that we are on the topic of faves, here's a few more of mine:
swimming in the ocean. Baby Boomerang by the Shins. sheer shirt dresses. writing. JM. the view at the top of the Mount. d_luxe jewellery. Sabine Taylor Attrill. tattoos. the smell of rain.

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