Friday, September 3, 2010

You win some...

You lose heaps... those are the wonderful words of wisdom a friend passed on to me after I failed to win the Front Row Diary competition today. To start with, I'll admit, I was a tad sad. I know I would have written the shit out of NZ Fashion Week. I would have immersed myself in the shows and the surroundings and made the most of a wonderful opportunity.

But after about five seconds I realised I have utilised this wonderful opportunity despite coming less than first. I have PR'ed gran's loose change across social media, local papers and websites and international blogs. And that can only mean good things for

One million thanks to everyone that voted for me - friends, family, fans and the shout outs from twenty-seven names, d_luxe, whywho, Jay Reeve, Fashion Guru, FashioNZ, Bay of Plenty Times, Sun-Live,, Major Toms, deracs and everyone and anyone else who facebooked, tweeted, messaged, campaigned, text or emailed in support of me and gran's loose change. It means the world to me.

Now, back to business. New product is up for the ladies NOW and we will be shooting new product on Monday. Can I hear a 'hell yeah'?

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