Monday, December 13, 2010

Exciting excitement...!

If you couldn't tell by the title of this post I am SUPER EXCITED! Whilst on holiday (working of course!!) in Melbourne, my Mama Bear called to tell me that gran's loose change had made VIVA in the Wednesday edition of the New Zealand Herald. I nearly wet myself! Admittedly, I was interviewed by the lovely Zoe Walker a couple of months ago but wasn't sure if it would ever make the cut, turns out, it did! And I am beyond stoked! Check out the full interview here.

AND if that's not exciting enough, today, the beautiful and wonderful Tee of NZGirl posted THIS interview! I think two in a row is telling you something I have known for a long time - gran's loose change is THE business! Have you checked us out lately?

Oh and one more thing, I just wanted to say thank you! Without you, the fans, customers and followers, these big time reporters, bloggers, editors, etc wouldn't even be bothering with little old me. But they do. Because we are growing, thanks to you. SO! Merry Christmas lovelies. Merry freaken Christmas!

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