Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We love The Cowboy Geisha...

A while back I stumbled across the wonderful blog that is The Cowboy Geisha. I can't even remember how but I am super stoked that I did. It is a daily read for me and one of my greatest inspirations, not just for gran's loose change but for me personally too. Why? Editor Celeste Tesoriero not only posts incredible photos (of herself, of fashion, of things that inspire her, of life), she starts every blog entry with lyrics from a song and she can write the shit out of anything. (And did I mention she has my dream hair, incredible style and is drop-dead gorgeous?! If I didn't love her so much I would probably hate her).

For those who know me, you will know that writing is my greatest passion. Therefore someone who blogs with substance rather than just posting pretty pictures is a 10 out of 10. Even more, Celeste is ex-designer of one of my fave Aussie brands, One Teaspoon, she is a stylist and is currently working on a new jewellery project (watch this space gran's loose change followers, perhaps that project is something you might get to see first? Hmmmmm). I love fellow creatives, especially creatives with motivation, drive and ambition. I am super excited that I got to personally chat (email counts right?) with Celeste and EVEN BETTER that I bring to you, an exclusive Q & A with the beautiful, inspiring and talented women that is Celeste, The Cowboy Geisha.

Name: Celeste Tesoriero

What do you do? I'm a designer and stylist

What would you ideally like to do? Travel back in time so I could be around in the 60s and 70s, to mainly be a love child rock n' roll flower power loving lover and so I could also start a label back then knowing what I know now √√√

Places you've travelled? New York, L.A, Pennsylvania, London, Salzburg, Berlin, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand and some non relevant/forgetful places in which I have (gasp!) forgotten all about.

What inspires you? Aesthetic beauty. Anything that sets my eyes on fire. Lately I have been listening to 'Classic Hits' 101.7 (which is a radio station in Sydney) and am really into echoey electric guitar solos from 80s psychedelic songs. It has proved to be one of the inspirations for the jewellery line my friend and I have just started. So, in real life, inspiration comes from anything, and there are some things that you cant pin to a 'mood board' lets put it that way.

Where will you be in the next five years? I have never been a 'five year plan' kind of kid, but if I had to I hope I would be living between New York and Bali, working with insanely amazing people and effing high off life.

Fave blogs: 4th and Bleeker, Style Rookie, The Light of God and Girls, Park & Cube, Fifty Fifty, Yosemite Campfire, Stop making sense, The Style Crusader, Style Slicker, Style East, The F Blog, and gran's loose change (derrrrr)

Best advice you've ever been given? Well, no one physically said this to me but it a quote that keeps me on my toes: 'A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are for'

Things you couldn't live without? The ocean and the sun…actually I don't think any of us could physically live without the sun? I saw a great documentary on that once.

Words of wisdom for gran's loose change customers? Well here are some cliches that are cliches for a reason: If you want something go and get it, because no one is going to walk up to you one day and offer it out of nowhere. Success is a mixture of hard work and timing. I believe if you put loads of energy into doing something, you have to succeed, it's some sort of universal law. But, if you spread yourself out so thin with your fingers in all different sorts of pies you'll just end up going in circles (and probably burning your finger tips in the process).

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  1. i like this interview and i love this quote about the ships!


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