Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let me wander lost and free..

JM, his family and I just spent a week in Melbourne. The point of the trip was that the littlest Muller (although by little I mean tall as shit) was playing volleyball. For someone that knows nothing about volleyball I have to say there may have been cheers, loud clapping and referee abuse on the little Muller and his team's behalf. What can I say, I like winning.

That aside, JM and I managed to fit in an afternoon of vintage heaven in Fitzroy. And I mean HEAVEN. We stumbled across the Lost and Found Markets. And by markets, I mean an entire building filled with stalls. 40 in fact. Inside. In their own little set up and cubbies. I think I lost my heart in there that day.

Had we had a shipping container my house would now be filled with antique lamps, retro couches, MORE Sara Moon prints and quirky ornaments galore. But I had to settle with a 14 carat electrolyte gold and jade antique ring and a cream crochet cardy. And for gran's loose change...? Wouldn't YOU like to know.

We then found a sick little store in the city. Although by little, I mean HUGE. I have never in my life seen SO many floral dresses, sequins, denim, leather minis, mens band tees, baseball bombers, Retrostar had it all and by jeeziz, we spent a while in there. I even nipped back on my own for a-whole-nother afternoon. My darling friends Mclaren and McGahan would have wet themselves over the sequins. I wish I could have brought them a whole crate's worth home.

The owners told me they have been collecting for years - so there is hope for gran's loose change. Start small, keep dreaming and keep believing. Something always comes from nothing.

Keep an eye out friends, new product, blogs and yet-to-be-revealed goodness coming VERY soon.

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