Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For your eyes only...

You may have noticed that when I blog for gran's loose change I often say 'we'. As if gran's loose change is this kick ass corporation with hundreds of staff. I guess I started doing that right from day one as back then, I had a business partner so we were a we. However, I have owned gran's loose change solely for a long time now and as the past year has ticked by, I have started to say 'I' more often. From this day on, I will be blogging for gran's loose change as me. Kelly. Because that's who gran's loose change is. Hi, nice to meet you.

What I won't do, is use this blog as a 'personal style blog'. That's just not me. Generally I don't like having my photo taken and I can't pose for shit. I end up with a double chin or a racoon face. But, I am posting 'style pics' today, mostly for Fashion Westie as we'd both been looking for a fluffy bear-like fur vest or jacket for a wee while and lookie lookie what I found.... so Westie, this is for you. And just so you know, taking photos of myself was the most awkward and unnatural experience I have ever had. How the fuck do you pose for a self-timer without laughing? (Short answer, you don't, check out the last pic). Enjoy.

I'm wearing Rubi suede heels (don't laugh, such a bargain! And so comfy!), Levis Extreme Skinnys, WOMEN Design sheer shirt with tails and vintage faux long-fur vest (Ebay).


  1. Honestly...I don't know what's harder. Self timer and feeling like a jock strap or getting someone else to do it...and feeling like a major jock strap. Add in public places and that's a whole nutha set of insecurities! I don't know HOW they do it. That's why I only take photos in my room, not outside. I'm no NIKE slogan-I Just Won't Do It.

    I am MAJOR jealous of the vest-WHAT A FIND! ANd the pants are cool. Leather AND a colour? I LOVE!!

    fully appreciate what you have done. I really do. This looks AWESOME!!

  2. Ooops...pants aren't leather. Look it though. Levis extreme skinnys might have to be on my AFTER baby shopping list though.

  3. Hahaha!! These aren't the leather pants my friend, these are just old Levis. I'm saving the leathers for my next (and hopefully last to spare us all the embarrassment) 'style post'. Oh my, the things you get me to do Westie!


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