Monday, June 6, 2011

So good to my eyes...

One of my favourite men in the whole wide world has recently joined the blogosphere where he displays his beautiful work and mixes it in with dope quotes, lyrics and sayings. Tane Coffin is one hell of a photographer - he has assisted on covers for Oyster, worked with noted fashion photographer Steven Chee, shot and videoed for twentyseven names and can be found here and here.

Tane and I met in Wellington years ago and lived together in Sydney for a year or so before I moved home to the Mount. Tane has an amazing soul and a beautiful spirit and I hope only good things come his way. Make sure you add New Eyes for the Greedy to your blog roll and make sure you tell your friends.

I miss you Tane Mahuta xx


  1. Beautiful!!
    I'd love to maybe work with him on some of my upcoming projects!! x

  2. He is amazing Steffy, his email is, definitely get in touch and work some magic together! x


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