Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love is...

....seeing the successes of someone with drive, determination and passion.

I was trawling the web last night (serious online shopping compulsion) and as usual, was lusting over the goods on the One Teaspoon site.

Florentine Cape, yes please!

I always like to read about the people/team behind the brands/sites I am viewing and I have probably read Jamie Blakely's intro about a hundred times. How's this for drive, determination and passion!...

"I once saw Jamie Blakey dressed as Wonder Woman...

In true Jamie style she had whipped together an awesome outfit hours before the party and looked like sex on legs when she rolled up, all smokey eyed, power hair and lycra. It was only when I looked back on these photos a year or so later, James assuming the strong 6 foot Wonder Woman stirling pose, hands on hips, staring straight down the barrel that it occurred to me... this wasn't any kinda alias or alter ego....Jamie Blakey is in fact a bloody super hero!

From jumping on a bus from Queensland to Sydney when she was a teen, hand making the first denim jeans on her bedroom floor to building an internationally successful brand in just 10 years. Jamie is the most motivational, creative and ingenuitive person I have ever met. The words 'can't and 'won't' do not exist in her vocab. Give her 30mins, a bag of fabric and a sewing machine and BOOM you're on the social pages 'it gal' list by Sunday.

And she does this all with an essence of pure calm and a no-bullshit attitude....

...One Teaspoon has dug it's leopard print flag in the ground and marked it's territory by providing awesome chicks with cool threads, 24/7 from the beach to the streets of the big smoke. James aka Wonder Woman ain't going nowhere soon, she is and will continue to ride her own wild horse into a glorious sunset in a damn hot pair of the best denim shorts you will ever get your cotton pickin hands on!

Jump on board the OT train and enjoy the Love affair with life, the best journey you can ever imagine".

I only hope one day someone will say something equally as fierce about me.


  1. wow what an awesomely written piece! and you know what kelly, i wouldnt at all be surprised if something just like that is written about you one day! inspirational stories are the best!!!! x


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