Thursday, June 23, 2011

See you soon Bali...

I was just doing my daily blog trawl and saw this pic on They all hate us. I love bracelets and even more so on a man wearing red jeans!

Speaking of bracelets...I'm taking a two week break in September and my other half and I are buggering off, away from this winter weather, to the delightful shores of Bali.

In Bali I plan to:
  • Read a lot, I've just bought much acclaimed Shantaram and Leo Tolstoy's classic War and Peace. Both are over 1000 pages long so they should keep me busy.
  • Lie in the sun - there's nothing like getting a tan during New Zealand's winter
  • Shop - if there's one thing I do well it's shop. Hello markets! Hello leather! Hello shoes, bracelets, dresses, bags, rings, trinkets and treasures! Oh my!
  • Eat - I love food. Full stop.
  • Drink - JM and I have already decided 'it's never too early in Bali'.
  • Attempt surfing again - JM took me for my first surf lesson ever in Taupo Bay this summer so I'm hoping to progress to paddling into a wave on my own!
  • Do yoga - JM will definitely want to make the most of the surf in Indo so I plan to refresh my mind with a little yoga.
  • Get facials and massages - I've heard only good things about spas in Bali and plan to make the most of cheap massages!

Sounds blissful right? I can't wait! Oh my, I have digressed. The point of this post is that I also love the warmer weather because I LOVE jewellery and being covered in winter wool just doesn't really work with wearing lots of gems.

I can't wait til my wrists are free from the constraints of sleeves and I can layer up bracelets to my heart's content. I'll be wearing One of Spades and Lindi Kingi that's for sure!

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