Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All about Melbourne...

This Sunday, gran's loose change is flying to Melbourne for a week of vintage shopping, volleyball-watching, eating, drinking, family time, relaxing and sunbathing. By gran's loose change I mean me, and by me, I mean me, JM and his entire family. The youngest of the tribe is playing volleyball so we are all tripping over for one whole week. I am wetting my pants excited!

The first time I went to Melbourne was for a work trip when I worked in PR in Sydney. The second time was for a work trip when I worked in PR in Sydney. SO I spent most of my time in the convention centre and the Crown Casino function room. I did however manage to venture out to see my dear friend Selina who opened my eyes to the amazing culture and vibe that is Melbourne and had the best Italian I have ever had on Lygon St with my wonderful friend Tuxy. I am drooling just thinking about it!

This time, I am VERY excited to be able to explore the nooks and crannies Melbourne has to offer.
An entire week with no set plans! glc fans, do you have any fave places you think we should visit?

I have VERY big plans for the markets and hidden op-shop gems and cannot wait to show you the adventures we will have. Melbourne, I'm coming...five sleeps to go!


  1. Head to Rose St Artist markets and have lunch at Vege Bar on Brunswick after, then check out Chapel St shops and nab a $4 pizza from Lucky Coqs. I could go on. Melbs is freakin awesome! Have fun!

  2. Camberwell Markets equal Treasure Trove

  3. St Kilda is super cute and has a ton of adorable vintage stores and cute cafes down the road in balaclava! plus the beach will be real nice at this time of year! xx have fun!!!! ohhhhh and theres this wicked bar in the city thats actually an outside garden and trailer down this hidden ally way you have to check out....ummmmm crap i cant member the name, will get back to you on that one :)


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