Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A returning customer...

So we set up our own integrated email system yesterday and we suggested fans send us an email just to say hi. Well, imagine my delight when this little number landed in my inbox:

gran's loose change how can I explain this thought train, without spraining my brain
or refraining from putting the blame
of my fashion choices when a 1168 voices cry out in harmony
making me see, what should have been plain as my little goatee
that shopping online is a my favorite way, I do agree.Your sense of
style is truly divine, its like you have delved into my mind, taken these thoughts unrefined
and molded them into a shape I can see, garments for you and me, I need to step outside
so I can breath, to much deals, not enough fees

I get my clothing fix at a decent price,
saves countless hours searching for that something nice,
I turn to your site for a little advice, and every time
it blows my mind like chicken fried rice.

Thanks so much Nick!! You made my day!

If you do want to stop by just to say hi, shoot me an email at

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