Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy first birthday...

Dear gran's loose change,

I can't believe you are one year old already. It seems like just yesterday that you went live.

In the past year you have had 467, 459 page views, where visitors spent an average of 3.38 minutes on the site. You have had 48,124 visits where visitors looked at an average of 9.71 page views per visit. 62% of your visitors come back (so you must be doing something right). Your biggest fan base is in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton and Dunedin. You have even had visitors from Italy, Spain, Singapore and France.

We have shot three lookbooks: (huge thanks to Julia Keddell, Bridie Fitzgerald, Jamee Thomas, Josh Muller, Natalie Brownrigg and Finn Geoghegan).

Magpies to Butterflies

The drifter's escape, Winter '10

Run away with me, summer '10/11

We have photographed, edited and uploaded hundreds of product. I have packaged and couriered hundreds of parcels. I have responded to hundreds of emails. I have PR'ed the shit out of you and we have had articles published in some of the countries most well read publications - Sunday magazine and Viva in New Zealand Herald as well as Girlfriend, NZGirl, Here Comes the Sun blog, Bay of Plenty Times, Fashion Guru, Studio Home blog, Sideroom, Beauty Bible and Australia's much loved Frankie mag. We have also been on Central News and The Good Morning Show live.

Some days, I feel like I was extremely naive going into this business. I have done so with no capital behind me, I struggle to keep afloat but I am proud to say that while you don't currently (or should I say regularly) pay me, you do pay for yourself and one year on, you are still alive and kicking.

In the past year, I became sole director and I have never been more satisfied. Sometimes I wish I could start it all again as there are times when I still feel like some of the decisions for gran's loose change weren't entirely mine and I would have done things differently...but that just means I can make those changes as we move forward.

There are big plans for gran's loose change this next year, a web revise has already been designed and is waiting to be revealed and we are welcoming some new friends on board....

There are days when I lose motivation - because I work a 'day job' as well as running gran's loose change and there are days when I am beyond exhausted, but new initiatives like those mentioned above and days like today - your first birthday - remind me that we are doing something special. Something amazing, and I am so proud to be the director of such an awesome site.

Happy birthday baby, here's to many more.

Love, Kelly x


  1. Happy Birthday... it's been so much fun. X

  2. That was a good read. I don't think many people realise what you undertake when starting a business such as yours. It ain't easy. But the hard work, effort and passion for what you do is evident in gran's loose change and I hope the changes you have on the horizon help towards celebrating many more birthdays and successes with glc.

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on your first year.

  3. So proud of you Kelly! What an accomplishment! you are one of the shining stars of nz fashion you really are xo


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