Monday, April 18, 2011

Week Four of the Blogger Series...

Fashion Westie is a regular blog stalk of mine and her tweets are ridiculously funny. I'm delighted to introduce you to her...

What do you do?
When I’m not socialising and ensconced in the air-kissy fashion realm [jokes]? Eating, blogging, working…and rubbing my belly for luck while trying to figure out how my intense desire for fashion, blogging and styling is going to be possible while cultivating my awesome little person.

Where can we find you?



Where do you live?
The awesomeness that is the North Shore in the most unconventional location.

What's your favourite thing about living where you do?
Watching pukekos strutting below our deck and living their lives to the left, while tradesmen are eating pies, smoking and driving their vans to the right. Ooh, definite bonus has to be seriously close access to macarons from Farro and good coffee at Mozaik. Though the 3 minute walk to Mickey D’s does not go unnoticed or under utilised.

What inspires you?
Honesty and integrity. Whether it be in your words, your creations, your intentions or what you’re wearing. Trust me, I can smell the honesty/integrity, or lack there-of in an image, a comment or your pants [not that I go around sniffing pants all day…you know what I mean] so I’m inspired by those displays of truth. Visually and moral-compass-ly.

Three things you can't live without?
Laughter, Fashion, Making up words to get my point across….I swear I need more than three. Can another interviewee lend me there allocation? I’ll add: Internet, Oranges and Toothpaste.

How did you get to where you are now?
I came down the hallway, hung a right and sat down. That’s not what your asking is it? I’m not quite there yet but hopefully with passion, enthusiasm and hard work, I’ll arrive to this ‘now’ you speak of.

Where do you want to be in ten years?
At my unborn bumps 10th birthday with all the Mum’s so jealous at my awesome party throwing skills….and my bow staff skills, nunchuck skills….

Fave blogs?
The Usual Suspects [all those superstar out of the stratosphere bloggers, they know that I know that you know who they are] not gonna lie, I daily stalk them. Must reads are: Rag Pony, SRC783, the bulwark and the sunbeam, Gloria’s Jeans, Zara Mirkin, Imogen Wilson and duh, gran's loose change.

Top five songs on your ipod/playlist?
LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem
Naked and Famous-Girl Like You

Alexisonfire- This Could Be Anywhere In The World

North Shore Pony Club- Sex, Drugs and a Drum Machine
Princess Superstar-The Mysterious Hanger

Favourite quote or words of wisdom you live by...

This changes…lately it’s been: “If it smells funny or has fuzz on it, Babe, don’t eat it!” Big R


  1. Hey! That's me! Thanks for the honour, will link it on the blog..

  2. Thanks for being a part of our blogger series x

  3. l o v e fashion westie! she cracks me up! great interview and lovely shop!


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