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London loving: blogger series...

Cynarra, left, Esperanza
A year or two ago, I met the beautiful and talented Cynarra (who hails from little ol' NZ) during her summer in the Mount. As summer came to an end, so did her time in NZ and she packed her bags and headed for London town. Since being there, she has become one half of the up and coming Two Lost Souls. Cynarra, along with Esperanza, describe themselves as... 'two lost souls. we believe in love. we believe in freedom. we spend our days california dreaming and are full of wanderlust. our parents wish we would get real jobs but our heads are too far up in the clouds. instead we like to make beautiful things for beautiful souls. come get lost with us.' (* Shit, I love that description!!)

Read on to find out more about these wanderlusting dreamers.

What do you do?
During the day we slave away together at our day job where we spend 90% of the time day-dreaming up a storm and at night we try and make the day-dreams reality by making beautiful paper flower coronas and blogging away our adventures. We've both previously been doing the whole fashion intern thing for awhile and although we have both worked for and met some amazing people we are well over being used and abused and penniless so Two Lost Souls was born out of a desire to combine our writing/styling/creative skills and do things our way for a change!

Where can we find you?
At the moment you can find us on our blog, we're currently working on our website and online shop but we're just a bit technologically challenged so they're a slow work in progress!!

We are also lucky enough to be stocking our crowns at a few of our friend's stores in London and Madrid

Where do you live?
Far across the sea in London-town, although one half of us is originally from New Zealand and the other half from Spain.

What's your favourite thing about living there?
That in London you are completely free to be whoever and whatever you want to be! Everyone is young, free and creating their own dreams and when the sun shines there's no other place we'd rather be.

What inspires you?
Sundays in London provide endless inspiration; breakfast bagels on Brick Lane then along to see the beauty of Columbia Road flower market followed by a stroll along the canal in the sunshine to lounge in the grass in London Fields drinking cold ciders and making daisy chains for hours on end. But our biggest source of inspiration is our desire to be able to leave our current job and work solely for ourselves!

Three things you couldn't live without?

Cynarra's flatmate's ridiculously funny looking and acting ginger Persian cat Frankie, he is the only man for us!

Copious amounts of hot chocolate overflowing with marshmallows and above all L O V E !

Five songs on your ipod/playlist right now?
Currently when we're working away we have these songs obsessively on repeat:
'Halah' Mazzy Star
'Sea Of Love' Cat Power
'Master Of None' Beach House
'Skinny Love' Bon Iver
'Home' Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Fave blogs?
When we find ourselves with some spare time we trawl through the hundreds bookmarked on our lappies but particular faves include mostly London based Style Bubble, Park and Cube, Discotheque Confusion, Because I'm Addicted and Lulu Kennedy's blog. We also make sure we keep up with blogs from our respective homelands to stay in touch!

What's next for Two Lost Souls?
Aargh so much we don't no where to start! We've been slow to catch up with our quiet successes so far, we can be fairly easy-going in our business approach! But we have plans to widen the availability of our floral coronas with our online shop and we have some super amazingly talented people putting together our first official shoot for us soon. We also have some ideas that we want to bring to life on Espe's sewing machine and we've been collecting crystals and beautiful stones for awhile which we've sent away to be shaped and made into little bits of magic. We'll keep blogging it all along the way so watch this space...

Quote you live by?
E: 'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.' H.D Thoreau
C: 'Just phase out, breathe in, wear sandals and pretend it's a fine world.' C. Bukowski.

Keep checking on on the gran's loose change blog as you MAY be able to get your own Two Lost Souls coronas RIGHT here in the not so near future. We will let you know as soon as we know xx

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