Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To do list...


  1. I would like to give more fucks too...I mean, just admit that I DO care, ya know?

    And I need a side hustle....

    Loving the to do list,

    from a fellow list making junkie.

  2. I'm going to 'renew my love of the kitchen'. I love to cook but I'm a dinner kind of girl who doesnt follow recipes. I'm not a baker but I'm going to embrace the baking. Wish me (and JM who will have to try all of my delights) loads of luck!

  3. Embrace the baking! I've forced my fair of B.I.B.O's [Burnt Inedible Baked Offerings] to Richie and it's a learning thing. I learn to do it differnet, he learns how to lie with a smile on his face and make me feel loved. Win/Win.


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