Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top five...

We've been busy buying, photographing, editing and uploading product this week and we are loving these five items!...

The Levon Boot

The wall you have created cardy

You don't always know what you see knit

The importance of being idle duffle coat

Hip hip hooray knit (Model also wears Jasmin Sparrow There's no such thing as boring leather pouch necklace).

* Apologies for the shoddy lighting, the 9-5 'real job' means I often have to shoot at night with minimal lighting...this will soon be resolved with the use of a studio.


  1. The Jasmin Sparrow leather pouch looks like a must-have too.

    I want something like the Levon Boot but for ze ladeez.

  2. I know! Me too. Impossible to find, I was beside myself when I found these as they are FAR too big for me. And, they are mens.

    The Jasmin Sparrow leather pouch is super cute! Definitely a must-have!


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