Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Will you marry me...?

One thing I love (even more than vintage clothing) is a man with a bit of lyrical genius. I like a man that can write the shit out of something, even if it's something stupid like a cheeky love note stuck to the windscreen of my car (forgive me, I'm digressing) and despite being labelled 'an ice queen' I really am a romantic at heart.

So, with lyrics like: "
If you love me with all that you are. If you love me I'll make you a star in my universe. You'll never have to go to work. You'll spend everyday, shining your light my way" Angus stone had already won me over. AND he knows how to dress! BONUS!

So, here you have it gran's loose change fans, eye candy for the ladies and style tips for the lads - (or fellas, you could just check out his equally as gorgeous sister, Julia. Damn some families just get all the luck!)

Angus Stone, you are a man after my heart...

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