Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come around sundown...

I've been listening to the new Kings of Leon album on repeat for the past week and while I have read the reviews - (some say they are 'selling out' to mainstream, others that they have tried too hard this time round) I love them all the same. I've seen them play live and they are by far the best band I have ever heard.

Better yet, the drummer, Nathan Followill has a grungy style that I kinda like. Maybe it's the long haired 'urban woodsman' look, maybe it's the fact that he looks good in a suit; in ripped jeans; in a Jack Daniels OG tee; and in a beanie. He's not the prettiest man alive but he definitely has style and is one hell of a drummer!

What do you think?

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  1. Loving his getup in the 2nd pic, maybe cause its more casual so he doesnt look so strange with his almost pouting pose. i think all the brothers have amazing style but, seeing them live at madison sq garden in a few weeks, so excited, missed them in nz last time.

  2. VERY jealous Sweet Nothings. Live at Madison Square Gardens beats seeing them in Auckland any day!


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