Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kelly Barriball. Director. gran's loose change.

A year ago when gran's loose change was first dreamed up, she was going to be called The Collective. And then my friend Bobby beat me to it with a completely different project. We sat down around the table and threw ideas around but none of them felt right. And then I looked to what I know best - my gut. My heart. And came up with gran's loose change. It is based from experiences with my own grandmother - the matriarch of my family; the root of my family; the strongest and most inspiring woman I know. When I was growing up she used to take me to The Chalet (cafe) in New Plymouth and I was allowed a white bread sandwich and a neenish tart. And every time, without fail, Gran paid with her loose change from her gold Oroton glomesh purse.

You may have heard that story before, but something you may not know is that when we started, there were two directors. So while gran's loose change meant so very much to me, it didn't necessarily have the same impact on the other director. Nor did it really feel like 'mine'.

Thanks to the ongoing support of the aforementioned director, I have been given the freedom to grow gran's loose change - however, that being said, without having complete control and ownership I have definitely held back in some instances. Well, as of today, I can announce that gran's loose change is (amicably) 100% mine.

So I introduce to you.... me! Kelly Barriball. Director. gran's loose change.

I am 26 years old. I work fulltime on top of running gran's loose change. I am also the co-curator and co-founder of The Little Big Markets. I like oversized cardies. The smell of rain is one of my favourite things. My other half is a mad scientist. I live in vintage booties or Chaos & Harmony wedges. I write in my spare time. I believe in miracles and the power of positive thinking. I like to jump off cliffs into the water. I like to dance and I live to laugh. I can make fun of myself. I want to build gran's loose change to be bigger. I want gran's loose change to be the first choice of all New Zealanders for online vintage and second hand shopping. I want to travel and build my collection of second hand finds. I want to live in a white house. Today I have listened to Angus & Julia Stone, Kings of Leon, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Bob Dylan and The Shins. Sunday barbeques are awesome. I believe in love like my life depends on it. I have exciting plans for gran's loose change and she will only get bigger and better.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I am always interested in hearing your feedback so please feel free to comment or drop me an email at hello@gransloosechange.co.nz. Thank you for coming on this ride with me.

Much love, K x

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  1. Congrats!! It's always nice to know the stories behind names.


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