Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A warm cuppa 'cocco'...

During my usual nightly hour of blog procrastination I came across a handsome wee fellow called Juan Cocco (thanks 'Sweet Nothings' xx). He hails from Spain, is a mere 20 years old and nails casual-cool time and time again. Check him out on Lookbook here.

Upon further stalking of him I found he has a blog. One of his posts entitled 'Girls' made me laugh as my boyfriend has a 'girls' folder saved on his desktop. When I was initially introduced to this folder I held my breath in anticipation of a lot of nudity. However both JM and Juan Cocco have an eye for style and their 'girls' are in fact, beautiful, stylish and artistic. They, (like myself and I'm sure most female glc followers), scour the web for modelling shoots of Kate Moss, oohh and aahh over up and coming models like Bambi Norwood-Blyth and critique the style and flair of (my new personal fave) Gillian Zinser.

Whether he's checking out girls or dressing himself, it's clear Juan has an eye for style - he was even recently featured in Simone Werle's new book, The Style Diaries. Oh for a wee tacker he sure has it going on... better yet, fellas - you can match his style with new products from gran's loose change. SHIT YEAH!!

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