Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey hey it's Saturday...!

Sooo, we're shooting our summer lookbook on Sunday and we are SUPER excited. We can't wait to see the results! Even more exciting, NEXT Saturday, November 6th, we are all booked up.

We will be setting up our first stall at The Little Big Markets (corner Matai St and Maunganui Rd) from 7am. We're pretty excited to have the closest thing to a real life store so if you're in the Bay be sure to pop down and say hi! The markets open at 9 and we will be soaking up the atmosphere until 2pm. There will be bargains galore so make sure you make the time to visit!!! Have I made that clear?

Home to relax for a bit and then, we'll be hitting our favourite Mount local, Major Toms. Why? Well, not only do they make the yummiest mojitoes, our friends Port Royal will be debuting their band. Expect nothing and don't be disappointed, these boys like to party but the verdict's still out on whether they can sing! We'll definitely be there to decide on the day, (or to have a bit of a laugh) will you?

Disclaimer! We promise we love you boys although we do not take responsibility for bleeding ears or booing crowds...!

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