Monday, October 4, 2010

Lusting over...

After a slow and quiet weekend on the buying front, we settled in late Sunday afternoon to watch 'Get Him to the Greek' - Judd Apatow's latest satirical movie starring Russell Brand. It was ridiculous, stupid and mind-numbing but shit it was funny! Just what you need on a Sunday to end the weekend.

While watching the flick, beneath the drug-fucked faces, wide-eyed John Dory eyes and outlandish outfits, I realised Russell Brand is actually a mega babe! The movie definitely doesn't factor him high in the style stakes and he is known to dress funny and pull stupid faces in his 'real life' too. He has admittedly, taken far too many drugs over his time (I've read his autobiography) and it shows, but strip this back and he is undoubtedly, a beautiful man. Agree or disagree?


  1. Little G disagree's haha x.

  2. Oh I agree He oozes sex appeal in a dirty-old-rocker way. He's not really physically attractive but the way he dresses and carries himself makes us believe he is. By the way funniest biography, highly reccomended.

  3. He is indeed an interesting one. Sometimes his fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired...Sass & Bide black rats leggings on a man? That should NEVER happen. ha! But there is just a little something about ol' Russ.


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