Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Blogger Series continues...

Meet Julia from Studio Home...

What do you do?
Given the chance I would spend ALLLL the time researching for my blog BUT everyones got to have a job and at the moment I work as the Sales and Marketing Co ordinator for Treble Cone Ski Area in Wanaka.

Where can we find you?
Studio Home (hang out mostly there)
Facebook (also spend a lot of time here, re posting links to the days posts, re posting great links from my favourite pages and sifting around discovering new wonderful talent)
Twitter (links to my days posts feed here as well and I am really enjoying getting into the swing of this massive networking platform)

Where do you live?
The amazing, beautiful, mindblowing and alllways awesome Wanaka, Otago.

What's your favourite thing about living in Wanaka?
Coming home from holiday only to realise that the place I call home is one of the most stunning spots in the country and allows me a lifestyle that I constantly have to remind myself isn't the norm for most people. That, and of course, the quality group of people I count as my own, spread around the region.

What inspires you?
One of the coolest things about embedding yourself in the world of design blogging is the discovery of people that are pushing forward with their own little passions. For sure some are more/going to be more successful than others, but I get a massive buzz from seeing people with raw talent being brave enough to give it a go.

Three things you can't live without?
Family, friends, my eyes

How did you get to where you are now?
After four years of ski instructing following a student exchange and high school I bit the bullet and applied to do a short Foundation Course in Fine Art at the Design and Arts College. This was all in preparation for the Diploma of Interior Design which followed.

I then headed to Auckland to work in furniture and design consulting for a few years then in a massive wave of ignorant confidence I moved to Queenstown to launch my interior design business with no money or sense. This was brilliant at times with some fantastic projects and steep learning curves, however, the recession just kicked me when I was only just getting some traction and I just couldn't seem to maintain any flow of work.

After three years I skipped the hill for a change of scenery in Wanaka and plans to re-base my business there...then the universe did a back flip and a series of events led me to landing a job on the marketing side of the ski industry. From the time I landed in Queenstown I also launched the first version of my blog with the same ethos it has now, of profiling creative talent from NZ and Australia. Essentially it was a way of visual bookmarking for myself and an effort of promoting my interior design.

Over the last three years it has slowly but surely become my passion and way to keep myself strongly attached to the wonderful creative scene downunder. I would also realllly like it if it started paying me a salary. Wow. That would be a perfect world.

Where do you want to be in ten years?
Really not sure where, but hope there are babies and a husband hanging around :)

Fave blogs?
Pretty much an impossible question!! I guess the ones I read everyday (aside from the other billion I visit regularly) are:
-A Cup of Jo
- Creature Comforts
- Oh Joy!
- The Design Files

....but there are SOOOOOO many more!!!

Favourite quote or words of wisdom you live by...
"Fortune Favours the Brave"

Note from glc! We e'met Julia when she blogged about our very first gran's loose change lookbook here and then again when she blogged about our third lookbook here

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