Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What makes our house, our home...

Just a few snippets of some of the treasures in our wee home...

My favourite photo of my grandmother and Mama Bear, ever. Taken at my mum's 21st birthday.

Our money jar. I bought this porcelain jug with my friend Jamee and it's found a better use than serving tea or looking pretty on the shelf. It is slowly collecting all of our loose change.

Our array of paintings. The Minnie Mouse ears in the top left and the pencil illustration of Kate Moss (age 15) were drawn by our amazingly talented friend Jake Macartney, the stencil of Kate Moss is by another friend, Sanga, and the others - a Goldie, a couple of Sara Moons and a couple of randoms have been collected from garage sales and thrift stores. Oh, and my little Tikis are from Good as Gold - they're by local artist Jared Bryant.

JM found me the two fat owls, centre back, on an op-shopping trip to Gisborne last summer and the collection is slowly growing. You'd never believe it but owls are bloody hard to come by!! We were lucky enough to be gifted the white pair, back left, (which are actually salt and pepper shakers!!) as a housewarming present from the lovely Nat of One of Spades.

One of our collections of books. We have them in our wooden sideboard, next to our bed, on this ladder and on a shelf in the lounge.

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