Monday, March 14, 2011

Healthier for you...

Something you may not know, (well you should know, so if you don't I haven't done a very good job of telling you!) is that I personally wash all garments (unless they're dry clean only in which case I leave it to the experts) before uploading them to gran's loose change, ready to sell. This quite often means a lot of hand-washing, due to wool and delicates, and several loads a week.

Well, our friends at ecostore have come on board and helped us out with the best, most efficient and healthiest laundry powders on the market. As of this week, every gran's loose change product will be washed with love, (by me), using ecostore products.

Why use ecostore?

Making changes to the laundry products you use is one of the simplest things you can do to reduce your exposure to unnecessary chemicals and enjoy a healthier home.

Over the past 18 years many of our customers have shared stories with us of their rashes, allergies and eczema improving or disappearing altogether since they made the switch to ecostore.

Use a little, save a lot

By safely super-concentrating our laundry products we have significantly cut down on cost per use; so while our products might look a little more expensive on shelf at your local health food store or supermarket they actually compare well with conventional brands.

And it really works!

You don't need to sacrifice performance when you use our laundry powder. All ecostore products are evaluated against our performance benchmark; to be comparable, if not better than conventional brands.

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Safer for our environment

When selecting ingredients for our products we give priority to plant and mineral based ingredients and only those petrochemicals which are classified as low hazard and biodegradable making our products safer for septic tanks and grey water systems. Our laundry liquid is so mild that with a filtration system in place you can re-use the waste water on your garden, lawn and trees.


  1. so excited to hear this! I just moved out of home and one of my firmest resolutions at this new stage of independence was to only use ecostore products. It reminds me each time I use them that I'm doing something exciting by being so much more independent and making even the smallest choices just how I want to have them. Love going ethical! :)

  2. That's awesome to hear Libby! I have long used ecostore cleaning products and their soaps are divine so I am very excited to have them on board for gran's loose change too!


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