Monday, January 17, 2011

Our newest fan...

So, we were recently sent a notification that 'RosieIvyLies' was following us on Twitter and we were beyond excited. Rosie, is Rosie O'Connell, the drummer for New Zealand's rock pop girl band, Ivy Lies.

Here's what their biography says:

Originally from Christchurch, Ivy Lies was formed by Lisa, Emla and Rosie under the name 'Starlett' while the girls were still at school. This is where the band caught the eye of SonyBMG, who then signed the band to a development deal, when they were only 17 years old.

The development deal that followed led to two singles, 'What I Had', which achieved a top 5 NZ radio hit and 'Let It Go', reaching 15. Both tracks received heavy airplay on commercial radio and music television. The band moved up to Auckland in 2008 to hit the live circuit and integrate themselves in the local music scene.

Ivy Lies recently toured New Zealand's hottest beach spots with the 'Coca-Cola bands on the Beach' tour performing alongside Midnight Youth and Dane Rumble. They have also teamed up with The Edge for the 'Winter Jam/The Experiment' tour along with Dane Rumble, J. Williams and Kidz in Space.

Rosie and I started emailing and very soon after, a package was delivered to Miss O'Connell from gran's loose change. Check her out in our threads below. We think she looks awesome! (Thanks for the pics Rosie!)

We sent through a Q & A to learn more about our most recent fan and she was only happy to oblige. Read the interview below...

What's your full name?
Rosanagh Kate O'Connell

What are you known by?
Rosie, Rose

What do you do?
I play the drums in all girl pop rock band Ivy Lies! I also have half of a BA which I am going back to uni to complete this year.

What would be your dream job?
Doing some live session drumming work for someone like Peaches! This is when I'm not on tour with Ivy Lies which I guess pretty much is my dream job. It doesn't pay the bills yet but we're so lucky we get to tour and see parts of NZ we otherwise wouldn't spend a lot of time in.

What is fashion to you?
A form of expression. It's how we define ourselves and how we tell the world to view us. We get an idea of people and what they're all about the first second we set eyes on them because of what they wear.

What is style to you?
Style is individual. The same clothes can look very very different person to person.

How did you find out about gran's loose change?
On the internet, I can't remember exactly but I was looking at fashion blogs/vintage clothing sites and was immediately intrigued.

What is the best advice you've ever been given?
Someone once said that there is a reason why you are on that stage and these people have paid to see you. I don't get stage fright but growing up in a girl band was often intimidated by the boys. They all had that instant confidence or 'cockiness' that we didn't. Still you have to get past that and put on a show!

What is the best sartorial advice you've ever been given?
"In some countries it's illegal to wear two different denims". It was this ONE time...sorry.

What's one thing gran's loose change customers might not know about you?
Heeeaps. What would you like to know? I am a Virgo, was born in Oamaru, have since lived in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland, have been in the same band for 10 years with two other girls who I think legally I may be in a de faco relationship with....I like cats and own very few shoes (mostly chuck taylors) but heaps of bags.

Ivy Lies' album Little Mind Games is out 28th February. Make sure you grab a copy and support New Zealand music.

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