Friday, January 28, 2011

On the road again...

For the seventh time (in the past two years) I will be packing my room, my house and my life up and shifting into a new pad. Since moving back to the Mount, my flats have never lasted long due to flatmates moving, the houses selling, or the timing being bad. It's been stressful, expensive and tiring at times but I have had a blast in each of my houses.

However, not only do I have to rearrange my belongings and start my life again, I also have to shift gran's loose change and set up my work space and studio as well.

Needless to say, we lag behind a bit for a wee while so I am giving you all plenty of warning, I move on Thursday 17 February so for a few days before and after, I may not be as responsive as we would all hope. Although I will try my very best!!

Once I am settled however, we will be back to business and this time it will be better than ever! JM and I have found our very own little cottage on the beach. After living with flatmates and a mixture of furnishings and belongings, I am very excited to start afresh with our stuff and our style and be able to create our first little home.

Here's to white house dreaming...

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