Sunday, January 30, 2011


JM and I are making the long drive up North tomorrow morning, all the way to Taupo Bay. I've never been past Auckland before so I am beyond excited to stop in and explore what Northland and it's surrounds has to offer. We're staying at a friend's bach for four blissful days. I hope this weather holds out as we are both in dire need of relaxation!

It's the last holiday I will have for a wee while as I start my new job next Tuesday (which means late nights and weekends on gran's loose change - crazy? Not at all, I LOVE to be busy!) so we are going to make the most of it. Even better, the teeny, tiny, towns up North are supposedly killer for op-shopping. Here's to coming home on Friday all rested up, with a tan and a booty for gran's loose change! Have a lovely week!

*Note! If you have ordered anything on the site up until today, it will be couriered tomorrow. If you make an order this week, it will be couriered first thing next Monday! xxK

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