Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Latest lady love...

Introducing Paris-based model and blogger (read her blog, The Killing Moon here), Margaux Lonnber. There's something about her bleached blonde hair (which is just the perfect amount of unbrushed tousled-ness - shit I wish my hair would do that), piercing blue eyes and bevy of tattoos that makes her my new lady love.

I have four tattoos myself (although I have been tattooed six times) and love the expression behind each person's tattoos. I also like that with the change in times, we are seeing more and more models with tattoos. Gone are the days of tattoos being associated with motorcycle gangs, and hello to the days where tatts are an expression of one's thoughts, feelings, experiences or dreams (although I'm not going to lie, there are still plenty of butterfly/rose/tribal tatts that should never EVER pierce the skin of someone's body)... Anyway, enjoy!
The more I look at Margaux, the more I think she kind of looks like the ivory version of NZ's Next Top Model winner Danielle Hayes, don't you think?

Those freckles, mysterious eyes and pouty lips?? I'm a fan of both.

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