Thursday, January 6, 2011

Naki bound...

I last made a visit to my 'hometown', the Naki, just over a year ago. My stepbrother, who is just three weeks older than me, married my now stepsister-in-law, (aka my sister) in a beautiful and intimate wedding. Now, just over a year later, my big stepbrother is marrying his long term lover, and my soon to be wonderful stepsister-in-law, (aka, my sister from another mister).

I spent from when I was born until I started university in New Plymouth but don't get back much these days. My mum has since moved to the Bay so I don't think of it as my 'home' so much anymore.

However, a family wedding is a great reason to flit down to the rugged West Coast, catch up with friends and of course, op shop! It's the perfect excuse to fit in two things JM and I both love - surfing and thrifting.

The drive from the Mount to the Naki has so many quirky little towns that pretty much sell fish'n'chips, petrol and beer. And second hand clothes!

Once we get to New Plymouth, we're heading down the Coast to stay with one of my beautiful longtime friends, and so JM can do some surfboard riding. Here's hoping the Naki turns it on for us.

I am beyond excited for our little weekend roadtrip and of course, super excited about the wedding too!
I'll be sure to post pics of our trip on my return. I am away until Monday so if you make a purchase on from now until then, it will be sent Monday. Until then....have a lovely weekend.

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